Regan Hillyer: The key to success is the 80/20 Principle

Stepping out of the confines of society's matrix after a defining moment in architecture school, Regan went on to become a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist, and a Success Strategist, amongst completing many other certifications and training

Regan Hillyer on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on 01/23. Dress, Garimon Roferos Couture. Earring, Bloomingdale's

Regan Hillyer on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam on 01/23.

Regan Hillyer is a Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Energetic Coach, and Global Speaker. She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training for men and women who have a big message they want to share with the world. Regan’s passion for helping others achieve financial success and personal abundance is powered by a vision.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: How did you become a manifestation coach?

REGAN HILLYER: I was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand in a traditional, loving family who valued higher education and the fostering of talents and skills. Following on from school, I won an academic scholarship to attend Victoria University, Wellington, and graduated as an architect (Barch). However, I realized that I was creating a life that was not in alignment with my soul.

I invested money in myself by qualifying as a Certificated Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist, and a Success Strategist, among other certifications and training.

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I then dabbled in many wealth strategies, including property investment, currency trading, sales, business startups, and marketing. However, nothing made me truly happy. My initial startups were exceedingly successful and made over a million dollars. And, much to everyone’s surprise, I walked away from them. You see, I was still not fulfilled by running them, nor was I happy. Everyone thought I was insane.

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In the interim, I had been casually helping and supporting some friends battling depression, drug addiction, and a lack of self-esteem. When I achieved massive results with them and they referred me to other friends, I realized that seeing people heal, grow and learn gave me the most pleasure and fulfilment. From here, I started my coaching and personal development business, Regan Hillyer International (RHI) that has now grown exponentially to a global, multiple 8-figure, live and online business. I formulated the “Laser CoachingTM” system which is an industry gold standard method that facilitates trained, certificated coaches to achieve maximum results for their clients in micro time.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Can you tell us about the secret to your success?

REGAN HILLYER: Knowing that success is always an internal game. It is 80% your inner psychology, mindset, and energy and 20% the actions you take from that aligned place.

 Also, ensuring that I continue to grow and develop multiple income streams to insulate myself from the ebbs and flows of trends and business ups and downs. Accepting that my businesses cannot be static and must continue to change, develop and grow.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: What’s the most valuable piece of life advice you’ve received?

REGAN HILLYER: The most valuable piece of life advice I ever received came from my father. When I was a teenager, he told me, “Regan, life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the main event. Go out and grab it.”

HARPER’S BAZAAR: What are you most excited about at this time in your life?

REGAN HILLYER: I would like to be remembered for being an innovative thought leader who instead of simply stockpiling money for the sake of it, meaningfully and intentionally put back into projects that truly benefited humanity and made life on the planet better for marginalised communities.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Congratulations on making the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. Have you been to Asia before?

REGAN HILLYER: I am thrilled to be on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. It is a true honour to grace such a stylish publication. And, yes, I have travelled widely in Asia. I lived in Indonesia for a few years and always enjoy visiting the vibrancy and cultural diversity of Asian countries.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Thank you, Regan Hillyer. Wishing you more success in the future.

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Tips of Regan Hillyer

For Regan Hillyer, nothing gives her greater pleasure than seeing a client take on the world in their chosen niche, create the money that they wish to and in the process, give back to society and pay it forward. Her top tips for building an empire and becoming financially independent are:

1. Surround yourself with people who are secure enough to be generous with their knowledge and time and their mentorship skills and listen and learn intently.

2. Do not be a solopreneur, employ experts to manage in the niches that you wish to work in.

3. Always be open to learning and embracing new concepts and ideas and accept that you will need to invest money to learn.

4. The pathway to building your empire is not always smooth and you must always be open to learning equally from failure as success.

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