Dr. Laura Purdy – from concert pianist to US Army physician

“America’s Favorite Doctor” Laura Purdy, M.D. is no stranger to hard work. Diverted from a lucrative career as a concert pianist, she served more than a decade as a US Army physician, which led her into the world of telehealth.

Dr. Laura Purdy – from concert pianist to US Army physician 1

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Led by a strong desire to leave this world better than she found it, Dr. Purdy is one of the few US physicians licensed in all 50 states (including D.C.) and a pioneer in the fast-expanding field of virtual health/telehealth that is making quality care more accessible and affordable to millions.

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On any given day, she bears the title of “doctor,” “business advisor,” “CEO,” “military veteran,” “wife,” and “mom” to four kids under the age of 10. The primary care physician for over 20,000 patients nationwide and Medical Director of Virtual Health for more than 50 leading telehealth providers, to describe her schedule as “busy” would be a gross understatement.

Dr. Laura Purdy – from concert pianist to US Army physician

Dress, Winnie Couture. Earrings, Swarovski.

Yet, Dr. Laura Purdy thrives on managing multiple roles, creating a meaningful and fulfilling life by helping others – and somehow making it all look so easy. Join us for a peek behind the curtain as this world-changing physician shares why she believes in following your heart and what keeps her fiercely focused through life’s many challenges.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: Laura Purdy, you’re managing virtual health for multiple private companies, seeing thousands of patients, finding ways to give back to organizations like Miracles for Kids, and being a hands-on mom of four! How do you stay grounded and connected to yourself and your loved ones, finding time to be “mom,” “doctor,” “entrepreneur,” “wife,” and more?

DR LAURA PURDY: It does sound like a lot when you list it all out that way… But really, it’s manageable because I surround myself with smart, helpful people to support success. I’m one of those rare humans who actually loves staying busy, as it keeps my brain engaged and helps me feel a sense of constant progress. Plus, I really enjoy my job. Sure, it has its challenges, just like any role. But I truly feel that I’m helping people. Not just to receive care today, but to welcome a new era of what virtual healthcare can be. That keeps me motivated when things get hard.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: You left behind an already thriving career as a concert pianist to pursue medicine. What led to such a big switch?

DR LAURA PURDY: To me, the shift felt natural – going from one heart-centered practice to another. Many of the skills were similar as well. Music required the same discipline and methodical practice as military service. Early on, I felt connected to and inspired by the work of introducing an audience to the raw emotion of music. I believe music is a powerful means of changing our outlook, mood, and life! In a similar way, I feel connected to medicine because it, too, changes people’s lives. Both careers offered a way to help others. I really enjoy the fact that medicine is on the verge of a spectacular shift toward virtual care, and I love being at the forefront of something so new, exciting, and promising!

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: You could have easily transitioned from serving as a military physician to a career as a private practice or primary care provider. Instead, you chose to become one of a handful of providers licensed in all 50 states and serve in a directorship role for dozens of virtual health companies. What led you to keep saying “yes” to these opportunities for growth?

DR LAURA PURDY: When faced with any decision, I’m constantly asking myself if it will help me make the most impact. If the answer is “yes,” my path is clear. In many ways, it was a chance encounter with virtual medicine during my Army service that led me to this role of pioneering its arrival nationwide. When I saw the incredible impact of providing care to soldiers deployed overseas – hundreds of miles from access to any quality healthcare – I immediately knew this online-based service was the way of the future. Since then, telehealth has empowered me to provide care to COVID-19 patients at the height of the pandemic, in addition to serving patients in the Ukraine war zone. I’m a big believer in equal access to affordable care for everyone, and telehealth is how we make that happen.

Dress, Nookie. Heels, Bella Belle. Earrings, Ariel Taub.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: In addition to your growing list of achievements in the world of telehealth, you’re also a wife and mom. What are your best tips for managing both work and family?

DR LAURA PURDY: The way I see it, every opportunity to help someone else increases my capacity for love and compassion for all humankind, my own family members included. I’m very lucky to have an equally caring, kind husband and kids. All of them see my work as a bigger purpose toward which we’re working together. We’re a team. I couldn’t succeed without their support. And I truly hope that my kids grow up to care for others using whatever gifts they’ve been given, whether or not it’s in the world of medicine.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: As a former Army physician, how does life in private practice compare to your time in military service?

DR LAURA PURDY: Well, for one thing, the food at home is much better! Honestly, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my country while building medical skills that have since helped millions of patients. The Army also introduced me to virtual health. That led me down the path toward where I am today. I see every role or opportunity that came before this point as naturally leading to the next. Everything in life feels so connected in that way, each opportunity building on the previous one. If you keep saying “yes” to where your heart wants to go, you can’t help but end up where you’re meant to be.

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One of the first practitioners to see the incredible potential applications of digital health/telehealth, Dr. Laura Purdy is at the forefront of a national movement toward compassionate “concierge medicine.”

Discover more about “America’s Favorite Doctor” at drlaurapurdy.com or on Instagram @americasfavoritedoctor.

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