Tanja Smith collaborates with Lunaversoul and Amber Holmes Originals

Tanja Smith, Lunaversoul jewelry and Amber Holmes Originals fashion have joined creative forces as collaborators for a fashion editorial

In this fashion editorial, model Tanja Smith collaborated with jewelry designer Lunaversoul and fashion designer Amber Holmes Originals, bringing these unique pieces to life. Blending of talents, art and finesse, captured by Mike Bloeser Photography, this collaboration created an enchanting artistic story, while presenting the looks of wearable art, sophisticated, and statuesque beauty.

Tanja Smith, a runway model and artist

Tanja Smith is a runway model and artist. As a model, she walked in many fashion weeks and fashion shows, including Los Angeles Fashion Week powered by Art Hearts Fashion in march 2022, New York Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Seattle Fashion Weeks… She is also a mentioned model on Getty Images. You will also find Tanja gracing international magazine covers.

After several years of modelling, Tanja Smith received attention in other artistic roles. Her work was showcased on New York Times Square billboards on Broadway. You may also recognize her as the government agent in KIMI, directed by Steven Soderbergh. She is signed with Big Fish Talent Representation agency in Seattle and Agent Inc in Los Angeles.

The collaboration with Lunaversoul Jewelry and Amber Holmes Original

Camisha Jackson, founder and designer of Lunaversoul Jewelry, creates amazing, unique, innovative pieces of handmade jewelry and wearable art. Lunaversoul jewelry pieces have been described as:

 “Modern, authentic, unique, boldly fierce and empower others to see themselves as the shining star of their story”.

Lunaversoul jewelry has been featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week, sold at the Smithsonian Institute, appeared in top magazines and worn by celebrities such as Grammy Award-winning artist Erykah Badu and Jidenna. The creative process behind designing Lunaversoul jewelry is truly motivating, inspiring everyone to feel beautiful and embrace their true selves.

Often characterized by a spirit of experimentation, Lunaversoul’s design emerges as a beautiful result of her abstract design process and exploration, while drawing inspiration from environmental elements of the world around her.

Amber Holmes is a Pacific Northwest-based clothing designer, creative director and artist. She is the CEO and founder of Amber Holmes Originals, a design company that specializes in custom bridal, formal and semi-formal wear. Amber’s work was recently shown in New York Fashion Week. It is recognizable by specific quality and elegance. The motto of Amber Holmes Originals is “Wear original, Be original”.

While working together on one November afternoon, these talents were able to make this captivating photoshoot which also showed their individual skills. Tanja liked how brilliant it turned out.

***The team***

Model: Tanja Smith @tasha.tanya, www.tanjasmith.com

Jewelry designer: Lunaversoul @lunaversoul, www.lunaversoul.com

Fashion designer: Amber Holmes Originals @amberholmesoriginals

Photographer: Mike Bloeser Photography

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