Singer-Songwriter Tara Beier shares her beautiful moment with the newborn twins

Singer-Songwriter Tara Beier shares her sacred moment of becoming the mother to her two beautiful identical twins, Austin and River.

In her last appearance on Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam July 2021 issue, the singer-songwriter Tara Beier opened up about her inspiring IVF story. Today, Tara returns and shares with us her beautiful moments of motherhood. 

Tara Beier talks gratitude & motherhood

You must all remember our talented singer-songwriter Tara Beier. On her last special appearance with us, Tara commemorating her pregnancy  with a nude photoshoot. Four months later, Tara and her husband welcome their healthy twin boys, Austin and River, at Saint John’s Hospital in California.

Through her profound journey of having children Tara has learned an immense gratitude for life. The arrival of the twins, as she says, has inspired her to grow further into the woman she is today. Tara feels so grateful for her team of doctors who have carried her through the process. “From the start of trying, to pregnancy to birth, it took a tremendous amount of will power and trust. Trust in the higher power and trust in my doctors and  husband, who was an amazing support,” she says.

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Having pregnant with twins, Tara Beier’s journey to motherhood encountered challenges. The experience of waking up in the ER, she recalled, was a spiritual awakening of forgiveness, gratitude and rebirth. What’s more, Tara’s journey to motherhood made her realize how she respects women bringing life into the world. As there is always a risk to a woman’s life to deliver a baby, whether it be a single or multiple

Little message from Tara to all new mothers

Just like any other women, Tara Beier found herself a challenge to find a right balance between being a new mother, a wife and an artist. She remembered her first few weeks were rough physically and mentally. Understanding this, Beier encourages all new mothers to be patience with the recovery. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, prioritize self care and manage your time,” the artist advices.

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With her life is getting back into the routine, Tara Beier is returning with a cover of a Christmas single, “Do You Hear What I Hear”. This song, she says, references to the story of the Nativity of Jesus, how “the child” brings us goodness and light. “It is about the miracle of life and I wanted to dedicate it to my newborn children,” she added.

In addition, she is also working on writing her next album, inspired by the spiritual awakening she had after the birth of the twins and her journey into motherhood.

Let’s join Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam and congratulate Tara Beier for her beautiful moment of motherhood.

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