Roman Splendor: A Tale of Sunset, Sculptures and Warriors. Story & art by Shuzhou

Shuzhou | Roman Splendor 1

Retro future is the theme of this art and fashion creation by Shuzhou. Model: Vmodels Sofia.

Roman architecture reflects the sunset, with flames and sculptures resembling dreams, creating a nostalgic scene. The figures of angels and female warriors clash, embodying courage and mystery in the battle between war and desire. The beach waves intertwine, marking the inception of the story.

Shuzhou | Roman Splendor 2 Shuzhou | Roman Splendor 3


Shuzhou | Roman Splendor 4 Shuzhou | Roman Splendor 5

Photography & Art: Shuzhou @shuzhou88.
Makeup: Vivian.
Hair: Meng Beauty.
Styling: Lucas.
Model: Vmodels Sofia.
AICG color correction and synthesis:
Lixinying @lixinying19960510 at Esp @espstudio.

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