The Moscatels: On love, success, fashion, and their reality show

The Moscatels are Hollywood’s up and coming “it” couple. From high-end world travel to local Beverly Hills boutique’s, this duo is always on the go in the most luxurious of ways. Taken in their Calabasas mansion, this Harper’s Bazaar feature credits all the hard work and dedication that Cole and Kelsea have put into their A-list lifestyle.

The Moscatels on Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam Cover. On Kelsea: Dress, House of CB @houseofcb; Jacket, Grayscale @grayscaleic; Shoes, Kat Maconie @katmaconie; Necklace, 8otherreasons @8otherreasons On Cole: Outfit, Grayscale @grayscaleic; Shirt, Ocean Rebel @oceanrebel; Shoes, Jean Baptiste Rautureau jb_rautureau

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel are a true dynamic duo. From raising their son Zayden to operating their large-scale travel agency, Snob World, the couple has seen it all. The pair have traveled the world and are in the midst of elevating their life together. They are fashion-forward, cultured, and determined to share that with the world.

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel also star in their own reality show, The Moscatels. After season one with positive ratings, they are preparing for season two of the show.

Appearing on Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam is a meaningful opportunity for the Moscatels. They explain: “Our modeling careers have escalated over the last two years, and now, to have made it on the cover of such an esteemed magazine, is truly so rewarding. Even more so, the fact that we get to be in this spread together, along with our son Zayden, is amazing. We are thrilled to share what a day in the life of a Moscatel is like in this issue with everyone!”

On Kelsea: Bodysuit, Farah Sanjana @farahsanjana; Jacket, Keiser Clark @keiserclark; Earrings, Fallon Jewelry @fallonjewelry; Ring: PR Solo; Watch: Rolex @rolex. On Cole: Shirt, Keep Going Kid @keepgoingkid; Suit, grayscale @grayscaleic.

The Moscatels, a match made in heaven

Cole and Kelsea were childhood friends. “We actually grew up down the street from one another. Our families were friends when we were growing up as well. Fast forward a few years later when our friendship blossomed into romance and we immediately bonded over our love for traveling, luxury, and being successful entrepreneurs”.

The two share the same love for high-end streetwear. “We love a cool, chic look, with a touch of high-end luxury. Some of our favorite brands include Off-White, Philipp Plein, Balmain, Christian Cowan, David Koma. High-end streetwear is where the originality, creativity and individuality really come out in fashion. We love to showcase that style, the mindset and the messaging that comes along with that as well”.

On Kelsea: Dress, Stello @stello; Shoes, Flor de Maria @flordemariacollection; Jewelry; Tanzilla. On Cole: Jacket, Jessie J Collections; Pants, Paisley & Gray @paisleyandgray; Shirt, Keiser Clark @keiserclark; Shoes, Jean Baptiste Rautureau jb_rautureau.

Their thoughts on success

“There is nothing we cannot do.”

Cole and Kelsea Moscatel believe in this motto. Cole himself struggle with Lupus. Therefore he set out to inspire individuals who share similar story – fathers, husbands, and free-spirits. He wants to ensure that a debilitating disease should not stop anybody from making it out there in the world.

On Cole: Set, Reuben Oliver @reubenoliverco; Turtleneck, Paisley and Gray @paisleyandgray; Shoes, Nike @nike; Necklaces, Fallon Jewelry @fallonjewelry; Socks, Ron Tomson @rontomson; Sunglasses, Etnia @etniabarcelona

Their mindset for success is not limited to only work. This thinking also apply to their method of parenting. “Our son, Zayden, is the most special and important part of our lives, and so we make sure our lifestyles and businesses keep up with that aspect, not the other way around.”

“It is of course not always easy, but we both love challenges. Because of our lifestyles, Zayden is a fashion-forward and well-traveled three-year-old himself! By the time he was six months old, he was already on a Carter’s campaign”, the parents explain. “We can’t wait to bring him along for the rest of our journeys.”

On Kelsea: Set, Alo Yoga @aloyoga; Sweater, Ron Tomson @rontomson; Shoes: Nike @nike; Jewelry, Marrin Costello @marrincostello. On Cole: Set, Reuben Oliver @reubenoliverco; Turtleneck, Paisley and Gray @paisleyandgray; Shoes, Nike @nike; Necklaces, Fallon Jewelry @fallonjewelry; Socks, Ron Tomson @rontomson; Sunglasses, Etnia @etniabarcelona

On the reality show The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love and Drama

People started to know more about the Moscatels after their successful reality show. Named The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love, and Drama, the show is available to view on their website Snob World and YouTube channel.

When asked about why their show is successful, the two think that The Moscatels gives viewers a realistic glimpse into the glamorous and not so glamorous parts of their everyday lives. “We showcase a lot of parts of our lives that people have no idea about or would even imagine we go through. We show all the luxury, the love, the drama and the hardships. It will inspire you to pursue your dreams, make you laugh, have moments where you relate to us and moments where it touches your heart all at once.”

The goal for the Moscatels is to inspire others, on how to be brave and adventurous in launching their own business, but also on keeping it real. Because running a business is not easy. They hope audience can see”the realistic parts of having a business and having such a fascinating family like ours”.

Right now, production is on hold for season two. “We have paused production because we are shopping the show in hopes to bring it to a larger audience.”

On Kelsea: Dress, Stello @stello; Necklaces, 8otherreasons @8otherreasons, Mahrukh Akuly, Fallon Jewelry @fallonjewelry; Rings, Fallon Jewelry @fallonjewelry, Eriness @erinessjewelry; Earrings, 8otherreasons @8otherreasons. On Cole: Pants, Paisley & Gray @paisleyandgray; Shirt, Keiser Clark @keiserclark

On fashion and style

“It really is self-empowering to find your individual-style because your style is a part of who you are. And when you can find your style that fits who you are as a person, it adds self-awareness and confidence into your everyday life.”

Cole and Kelsea Moscatels explain that they are huge proponents of finding individuality. They do not run after trends, but rather incorporate them into their personal styles.

On Kelsea: Dress, Angelika Jozefczyk @angelikajozefczyk; Earrings, 8otherreasons @8otherreasons; Shoes, Christian Louboutin @louboutinworld On Cole: Suit: Paisley and Gray @paisleyandgray; Shirt, Theory @theory__; Shoes, Jean Baptiste Rautureau jb_rautureau

The Moscatels like how Vietnamese designers have added Vietnamese history and art into their fashion. Two of their favourite designers are Thuy Nguyen and Xuan Thu Nguyen. “Thuy Nguyen has taken traditional Vietnamese fashion and combined it with art to create one of a kind statement pieces. In our opinion, her designs are the epitome of turning art into fashion. Xuan Thu Nguyen creates absolutely stunning and luxurious pieces that are so beautiful and unique. We love the concept of taking tradition and turning it into current fashion trends.”

As the world slowly returns to a new normalcy, and travel resume, the Moscatels hope that they can one day visit Vietnam. “We love Southeast Asia and want to make our way back over there once COVID has settled down”. They love traveling, in part, because of fashion. “One of our favorite things about traveling is seeing style trends in other countries, and when we see individuals really hone in on making a trend their own, it inspires us. We always feel like we come back from other countries with a new sense of cultural style.”

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