Empowering Women Worldwide: The Journey of Steph Adams

Steph Adams – internationally acclaimed author, model, art director, and businesswoman – had a transformative year in 2023, reaping the rewards of her dedication and hard work.

Not only Steph Adams writes about fashion, style, wellness, and beauty, but she also provides a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to share their voices. In this conversation, Steph Adams shares her story about her career, highlighting her achievements, values, and the impact she has had on the worlds of fashion and literature.

Harper’s BAZAAR (HBZVN): 2023 was a year of global public recognition for you with winning two awards. Can you please tell us about this?

STEPH ADAMS: The Global Recognition award was given to me because of the range of women I have showcased across all fourteen books – over 200 women in total, all from diverse backgrounds. Their stories help to empower other women. It’s been a real passion of mine to continuously support women and give them a platform to share their voices.

It was also a real honor to receive the World Woman Leader Award by the Who is Who International Awards. I was very thankful to my friend, HRH Prince Nereides Antonio Giamundo de Bourbon who was able to receive my award on my behalf, as I was not able to attend. The gala, which is run by Dimitrios Goris and Vassiliki Papageorgopoulou, was a huge success. It helped to raise money for victims of the recent natural disasters in Greece and the devastating floods. The award was crafted by a talented sculpture artist Odysseas Tosounidis and is inspired by the Goddess of Victory, Nike.

HBZVN: Tell us about the transition from modeling to becoming an art director, influencer and author. What has shaped your career?

STEPH ADAMS: I was modelling for over ten years and then I finished my Bachelor of Art Degree. I moved into graphic design and worked as an Art Director over Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, British Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Net-a-Porter and Marie Claire.

I realised that I wanted more than a 9-5 job in front of a computer. I wanted to be out attending events and meeting new people. There was no job for this, so I created one. I started a design studio on the side of working full-time, as well as a website where I was interviewing different men and women and attending fashion events.

I then began publishing books and in 2016 went to Paris for the Fashion Week. It’s been an endless love affair with Paris ever since. Many of my books are inspired by the culture, people, fashion and history of Paris.

HBZVN: You are the author of many internationally acclaimed bestsellers. How did your passion for this begin?

STEPH ADAMS: Actually, it began when I was working with Harper’s Bazaar Australia. I was helping them to design and publish a coffee table book. The Art Director showed me how to put it together. This inspired me to create more.

HBZVN: What qualities do you personally value in people?

STEPH ADAMS: For me I respect and value honesty, kindness and having the ability to apologize if you make a mistake.

HBZVN: Tell us about your future creative projects?

STEPH ADAMS: There is a coffee table book coming out next year, which is very exciting, and I have a lot of different international brands I am working with for the new year.

HBZVN: You’ve achieved remarkable recognition in both the fashion and literary worlds. What motivates you to continue pushing boundaries and pursuing new ventures?

STEPH ADAMS: What really started to motivate me was the very book my co-author and I created to motivate women all over the world, The Game Changers. Just hearing other women’s stories about how they kept pushing through when everything was against them. This very book gave me the courage to keep on pushing boundaries and pursuing new ventures.

HBZVN: Your work has been featured on billboards in prominent locations like New York Times Square and West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Can you tell us about a particularly memorable moment from your career that stands out to you?

STEPH ADAMS: I have enjoyed playing various roles throughout my career from creative director and author to publisher and model, and more. There have been many memorable moments, but for me the most important is the ability to stay grounded and to have quality time for the people I love.

HBZVN: As an ambassador for luxury brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and others, how do you approach representing these esteemed names and what values do you seek to uphold in doing so?

STEPH ADAMS: It was a dream of mine, when Christian Dior first invited me to their show. All the values that are represented in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s work reflect what I have built my books upon. To me it’s all about women empowerment.

HBZVN: You are the granddaughter of Australian Queen’s Counsellor Phillip Rennell Adams. Tell us about the values and lessons from your family’s legacy that you are carrying into the future.

STEPH ADAMS: My Grandfather was often mixing with politicians and very prominent people. He was very strict, he didn’t like when we made much noise. He valued manners and the art of conversation, and believed in hard work. But family was always the most important to him. I always remember him drinking a glass of scotch on the porch watching the sun go down. Our family often gathered around at the end of the day. These were possibly some of his favorite moments.

HBZVN: You started modeling at a young age and later pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree. How did your education and experience as an Art Director contribute to your multifaceted career?

STEPH ADAMS: I believe my Degree in marketing, advertising and psychology was what helped with shaping my career.

HBZVN: In addition to your successful career, you are also known for your philanthropic efforts. Can you highlight some of the charitable causes that are particularly important to you and why?

STEPH ADAMS: I have worked with many breast cancer charities, as well as children with special needs and children with visual and hearing impairments.

HBZVN: You are in great shape, what are you beauty secrets?

STEPH ADAMS: I stay healthy by drinking a lot of water and eating well as well as exercising regularly. I don’t drink much alcohol. I try to walk or jog for 20 minutes to an hour each morning and then I will do a light weight session for 30 minutes. I take spirulina every day and try to have a spinach smoothie with protein powder.

HBZVN: You have walked the red carpet in Cannes and Venice Film Festival. How was this experience?

STEPH ADAMS: It’s an honor to be on the red carpet during the film festival and showcase different designers. It’s a fascinating and exciting experience. What I love the most is meeting the talent behind the scenes, such as writers, screenwriters, producers etc.

HBZVN: Name five attributes of success that are important to you?

STEPH ADAMS: Be passionate, unique, hard-working, resilient and kind.

Model: Steph Adams @stephadams2012.
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