Selen Esengin, a dainty Istanbul rose

With more than 7 years in fashion industry, Selen Esengin never stops looking for new opportunities to grow herself. Colors and fashion are her two vital specialties.

Born in Istanbul, but New York is where Selen Esengin finds herself at home. With more than 148.000 followers on Instagram, the Istanbul-born model is also a face of influence of the Big Apple city. She knows well what it takes to make an impact as a fashion influencer based on her experiences in the industry. What’s more, Selen has a special love for art. Her zealous interest in using natural colors and emotional meaning drives her in the fashion aesthetic.

Selen esengin in black sequin blazer

Black Sequin Blazer, Esmara by Heidi Klum. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_. Stockings, Journelle

Selen Esengin, the model who channels visual art

Since childhood, Selen has been a gifted painter. Her favorite artistic style is fauvism. Of this principle, André Derain is among her favorite painters. “His understanding of colors is brilliant. He aggressively applies straight from the paint tubes to create this sense of explosion, which I love! And strongly see a great deal of similar character in my personality”, she shares.

In her opinion, fashion is also just like that. Her passion for painting is what inspires her the most in her fashion sense. “I believe every form of art is intertwined together. Colors, patterns, and the fashion world go hand in hand in that sense”, she says. And like a piece of art, our body is a canvas, and our outfits are like paint colors.

Selen esengin in black sequin blazer

Black Sequin Blazer, Esmara by Heidi Klum. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_. Stockings, Journelle

Along with painting, Selen also expresses her interest in literature. She has an educational background in English Literature. Surprisingly, she loves dark humor. Likewise, “I’ve always enjoyed monsters and villains in literature. It felt like a new unseen approach to hear a story from the other side – the antagonist’s perspective and motives”.

Grendel, a monster in the epic poem Beowolf, and Maleficent are two of the antagonists of her favorites. Besides, she also loves postmodern writers who use parody, dark humor, such as TS Eliot.

Selen esengin in black sequin blazer closeup

Black Sequin Blazer, Esmara by Heidi Klum. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_. Stockings, Journelle

New York is Selen Esengin’s inspiration

“I decided on NYC as my home because both Istanbul and NYC are very similar in their essence – the city is alive and keeps on renewing itself. And in this process, you evolve with the city as it pushes you to become the best version of yourself.”, Selen says. Therefore, after years of being back and forth between the two countries, Selen has chosen NYC to be her second home.

In New York, she worked with many prominent brands like FWRD, Farfetch, Guess, Max Mara, Maje, to name a few. New York City is really an inspiration for Selen, pushing her to be unique by being the trendsetter.

Selen in white blazer outfit.

Blazer with Belt, Alexandro Fratelli @alexandrofratelli. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_

Be unabashedly honest with candor

That is Selen’s life motto. The Turkish model began her career when she was only 16. Her first job was for a trench coat company in Istanbul. The young teenager Selen walked into her first set with lots of excitement, but she was overwhelmed. Overcoming all of the initial bewilderment, Selen was surprised how effortless it felt when she walked on set. Her best memory was her mom taking the behind-the-scenes photos with her blackberry phone

Talking about Selen’s experience, she says: “When it comes to being an influential influencer, you have to be authentic with everyone.Everyone has access to the digital network. And being honest and relatable is the key to having a better connection with your audience.

The more your audience knows about you; they feel like they are part of your life; they want to consume what you eat, you use, you do, places you go, and everything about you becomes this whole picture. It’s okay to be unabashedly honest with candor.”

Selen Esengin in white blazer outfit.

Blazer with Belt, Alexandro Fratelli @alexandrofratelli. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_

Being a model, Selen loves a healthy skin. “Honestly, I’m a self-care freak. Our body is like a temple, and it’s our responsibility to nourish it as much as we can. I work out a lot and eat clean. I also do my research on biohacking. I find it intriguing how small changes in our lifestyle can make a huge difference!”

Harper’s Bazaar asks jokingly: What would be her superpower? Selen burst out a laughter, psychic, she says. “I’m pretty sure I had some proper witches in my family!”. For the new year, Selen is having in store new plans for her business. She can’t wait to share with everyone. As she tells us,  “my manifestation board for 2022 is quite interesting, I’d say.” It’s all in good time.

Blazer with Belt, Alexandro Fratelli @alexandrofratelli. Earrings, Ada Couture @adacouture_

**Team Credits**

Photographer/Retoucher: Rutvik Katuri @rutvikkaturi
Model: Selen Esengin @selenesngn at Genetics Model Management @geneticsmgmt
Makeup Artist: Charina Redugerio @cheenabobeena
Hair Stylist: Alicia D’Angelo @aliciadangelo
Wardrobe Stylist: Ada Plascencia @adacouture_
Wardrobe: The Confessional Showroom NYC @the_confessional_showroom_nyc

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