Sarah P. Antonella – An Inspirational Journey to Success

Sarah believes that you can inspire others through the story of your life. She hopes to change people’s lives when they read her book, Level Up

Sarah P. Antonella is a beauty influencer. The millennium female executive owns a business supplying masks and other accessories to Walmart. They are also negotiating a contract to supply gloves to Dollar Tree.

The journey to overcome obstacles

The young girl is European and Asian mixed. In her childhood, she had bad experiences with racism. She once had difficulty identifying who she was and what ethnicity she belonged to. The prejudices she suffered were giving her so much stress that at one point she believed the world had no good people left.

One day, she met two coaches in figure skating, Frank Carroll and Colleen Mickey. They gave her a vision and helped her understand that life was much bigger than what she saw until then. They instilled in her a love for figure skating. As a result of that, Sarah spent 16 years on the ice rink and then became a coach herself. 

Became the entrepreneur

Her strong personality helped her enter the challenging business path. Along the way, she met good friends and teachers. 

Sarah recalled, “I had a close friend, who was more than willing to take me under his wing and get me started in the fast-paced industry that I’m currently in. What’s even funnier is we only knew each other on the phone and didn’t meet until a year later. We closed so many deals and had each other’s back no matter what. He gave me a lot of support to believe in myself when others didn’t.” 

Sarah P Antonella’s life experience in Level Up

Sarah put her heart and soul into writing a book called Level Up. The book describes the transformation of a shy girl into a successful and beautiful businesswoman. She summed it up succinctly, “The book is a snippet about my life and how I overcame a lot of trials that made me into the beautiful person I am today.” Then she added, “I also strongly believe that you can inspire others through the story/journey you’ve lived. So I hope to change people’s lives when they read my book.”

An inspirational book for women

As a businesswoman, you have to overcome a lot of hurdles to get to the top. People often judge you by your appearance: youth, gender, ethnicity. Sarah uses Level Up to inspire and empower women, hoping to help them on their way to achievements.

Level Up offers businesswomen practical ways to improve confidence and communication. That helps them negotiate and reap successful deals. Being asked, “What is the key action that anybody can take today to move closer to their goals?” Sarah said, “Take one action that will move you in the direction of your dreams.” 

The secret to work-life balance

As a busy person, balancing work and private life is not easy. What is Sarah’s secret? “Understand that “No” is a complete sentence – to others and ourselves. Listen to your body. Your health is your wealth, so rest when it tells you to rest.” 

Furthermore, “Make time to communicate with your loved ones on a regular basis. Spend quality time with family. Life is short. Give them their flowers while they are living. When it comes to business, take seeming “failures” as learning opportunities. Give yourself grace and compassion.”

Finally, Sarah concluded: “Never ever give up, no matter how hard life gets!”  

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