Nancy Moeller: A Global Influencer

Mexican/American model, entrepreneur, and influencer Nancy Moeller was born and raised in San Diego, California. Yet her dreams do not stay in one place.

Dress, For Love & Lemons. Earrings, Chanel.

As a multi-ethnic millennial, Nancy Moeller craves to embrace her Mexican-American descent. “I love the fact of being able to experience the best of both worlds”, said Moeller. 

For all her life, Nancy has been back and forth between Tijuana, a border city in Mexico, near the South of California, and San Diego. She always sees herself as a trans-border girl with an aspiration to spread optimism and positive energy to the world.

A blogger and fashion enthusiast

During her time in college, Nancy started a blog called as a school project and eventually turned it into her personal hobby. With this blog, Nancy shared her thoughts and projects on topics around fashion, lifestyle, dance, travelling, and modelling. As a result, it captivated many viewers from across the US. 

In her last semester in college, Nancy Moeller became a TV host for the most prominent television network in Mexico, Televisa. This eventually was Nancy’s initial step into the influencer’s world when a Televisa producer gave her an opportunity to produce her own fashion capsules. Her capsules received an immense amount of great responses. She said, “They were so great that I had fans from all over the state of Baja, California”. 

The influencer eventually moved to New York city, where she was bombarded with emails from all different PR agencies. Even though Nancy no longer wrote for magazine or worked at a TV station, she decided to take all her learnings and applied them to modeling work and influencer gigs. To herself, this decision was “a good one”. 

Shine as a Latina in numerous fashion shoots

Sequin Blazer, Zara. Earrings, Vintage.

Nancy Moeller recalled in one of her first photoshoots, a client production team heard Nancy spoke Spanish. When they asked her to translate the lines to Spanish, Nancy did it so comfortably on the spot that left them very impressed. “Knowing more than one language is so valuable and has helped me so much in my career”, said the bilingual model.

The client team without a doubt chose the influencer to represent the Latinos community. “It was an honor”, said Nancy Moeller, “[Brands] realized my impact on social media and contacted me to do campaigns for my social media.”

Even at such a young age, Nancy has already had an impressive modeling profile with her works published in a variety of world-class publications, such as White Magazine, Vedere Magazine, Hola Magazine, Tv Y Novelas, Meri Saheli Magazine, and Mess Magazine. 

On top of that, this young woman has collaborated with many prominent brands such as L’Oréal, Ponds, Lancôme, Clinique, Erno Laszlo, Origins North America, Bombas, and Clinique makeup, to name a few. 

Founder of City Gals Society, a platform for women   

Nancy Moeller

As a matter of fact, Nancy continues to impress us with her own ambitions. Along with her goal to eventually publish a book of herself, the influencer also founded a social club called City Gals Society (CGS) in February 2020.

“City Gals Society started from a simple idea: bringing women together. It is a social club to bring women of different professional backgrounds together. I wanted to create a concept to earn something beyond a business network: a friendship. Many of these women moved into the city and didn’t have local friends. So, I created a space where women can dress as chic as they want, hang out with other women, and have fun activities.”

Since established, CGS has hosted plenty of impactful events, from outdoor boxing classes to cute brunches, painting classes, and picnics.

Nancy Moeller

Golden Blazer, Nasty Gal. Earrings, Vintage.

A curated Instagram profile is where City Gals Society announces the events, with the location is always hidden. Nancy Moeller said, “only women who are genuinely interested in signing up for the events, were acknowledged about the details of these events”. Consequently, attendees always felt special and wanted to come back for another genuine experience.

“I’ve grown the Society in terms of new members, new cities, and CGS is becoming a brand”, said Nancy. At one time, City Gals Society also created an impact by creating one special mask that did not only help young girls look fabulous but also supported emerging designers and the Mexican economy in general. This mask successfully brought awareness to the club. And now it evolved into a platform where women can buy fashionable items such as jewelry or scarves. 

Self-expression through fashion and social media

Nancy Moeller

Dress, Bebe. Earrings, Roxy Jacenko.

Nancy Moeller found that her fashion sense is a way to express herself. “I believe my style is pretty eclectic and constantly evolving. I’m either a neutral tones lover, or I go bold wearing sparkles”, she said. 

With nearly 5 million and 725 thousand followers on TikTok, Nancy Moeller uses her influencer status to make an impact and empower women every day. By having a large number of fans, Nancy believes she has a responsibility to impact people positively. “I get messages from young women who want to start their modeling careers, and I always respond with feedback on following their dreams”, shared the American/Mexican young woman.

** Credits **

Photographer/Retoucher: Rutvik Katuri
Model: Nancy Moeller @ Genetics Model Management
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Faith Stanek

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