Hannah Stocking: Being authentic is the true reflection of perfection

Hannah Stocking shares the importance of being authentic while embracing her flaws, uniqueness and imperfections.


Hannah Stocking on Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam cover. Dress: Jovana Louis Earrings: Chanel Ring: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley Shoes: Woolier Bag: Prive Porter

Hannah Stocking uses her substantial social media platform to show that life may not always be picture perfect. However, the key to living her best life is to be caring, honest and to take time out to focus so that creativity can blossom.

On her shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Hannah could not hide her excitement. The young lady shares how her dream came true. Michelle Berk, the Founder of Privé Porter, invited Hannah to shoot “MoneyBags”, their latest range of bedazzling custom Hèrmes Birkin purses.

Hannah Stocking, the content creator with eclectic knowledge

Hannah Stocking is a multi-talented and incredible funny new-age content creator. On top of that, the young lady also has an extensive background in chemistry and biology. Her videos were not simply entertaining. They also break down relevant topics in easily accessible and interesting ways. Her two unique series, The Science of Beauty and Science Part with Hannah Stocking – in partnership with ATTN, showcases a great combination of her love for knowledge and comedy.

Hannah’s talent and charisma have landed her notable opportunities. She joined E! News for their coverage of the 2017 GRAMMY Awards and co-hosted the 2019 Streamy Awards. Hannah also made her big-screen debut, playing the role of Anna in Tyler Perry’s comedy horror movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween in 2017, which grossed $50 million at the Box Office.


Earrings: Chanel @chanelofficial Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb


Earrings: Chanel @chanelofficial Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb

Authenticity is the ultimate beauty

So how did the Internet help Hannah Stocking express herself? “I used to feel insecure and sometimes I still do. I am constantly and consistently working to improve my insecurities and wake up every morning trying my best to accept every part of me. I know I’m not alone with these feelings, so I try to present myself to my followers in all my different moods. Whether I’m being loud and crazy, or relax with no makeup on, I try my best to show that not everything you see on the Internet is ‘picture perfect” Hannah says.

According to her, what is important is that Hannah keep showing herself in the most authentic way and always embrace her flaws, uniqueness and imperfections. Being authentic is the real form of perfection.


Hat: Keith and James @keithandjames Top: Upstreet Kid @upstreetkid Pants: Sophia Nubes @sophia_nubes Jacket: DAIR @dairdesign Bag: Prive Porter Ring: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley @camillaseretti @rollsroycesahar

Hannah Stocking’s biggest influences: Fashion and Beauty

Hannah every morning routine includes seeing what mood she’s in when she wake up and dress accordingly. The content creator has a great passion for fashion, makeup and hair. When asked about her favorite designers, she mentioned Heron Preston, Palm Angeles, Versace, Alexander Wang, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, …


Dress: Lionne Clothing @lionneclothing Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb Jewelry: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley @camillaseretti @rollsroycesahar

Edgy, fun, playful, comfortable, and risky are how she describes her sense of style. Without a doubt, there are the quality of a content creator. Being who she is, Hannah loves learning about the different cultures. To her, travel is very important. It allows her to meet her fans from around the world. “My most memorable adventure would be my most recent trip to Paris because I fell in love! Paris really is the city of love, and I was very lucky to experience that myself,” she adds.


Dress: Lionne Clothing @lionneclothing Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb Jewelry: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley @camillaseretti @rollsroycesahar

Hannah loves Asian street style. The content creator says, “the fashion scene is so free and personal. They incorporate wild prints and colors, but also, they keep everything blended by throwing in black and greys to cut all the harsh colors. They also love good accessories such as bags and hats to elevate a simple everyday look. All in all, their style is very personal yet quirky and bold.” What’s more, Hannah looks forward for an opportunity to connect with content creators in Asia and learn more about the Asian cultures and traditions.

Mental, physical health and well-being are the essence.


Dress: Lionne Clothing @lionneclothing Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb Jewelry: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley @camillaseretti @rollsroycesahar

Hannah started creating on the day she met King Bach, Liane V and Destorm Power at a gym in North Hollywood. The three content creators invited Hannah to create videos on Vine, and the rest was history. Thanks to them, we now have Hannah Stocking along with her charming, witty, yet educational videos.

When asking about her European heritage, Hannah expresses her admiration its incredible culture. She is impressed with how Europeans can separate their work and leisure. “They take their vacations and time off very seriously,” she added. Hannah says this really taught her how breaks are beneficial for mental and physical health and well-being.

Dress: Jovana Louis @jovanalouis Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb Jewelry: Camilla Seretti @camillaseretti

When the epidemic broke out, Hannah admitted that she took more breaks, and went to more therapy. At that moment, she realizes these mental breaks are completely crucial, especially when she is a creative person.

One advice Hannah would give for the GenZ and the uprising Tiktoker is “to stay away from negativity and drama and always be consistent with your work”.

Money Bagx x Privé Porter: A dream came true


Dress: Lionne Clothing @lionneclothing Bag: Prive Porter @priveporter @moneybagsxmb Jewelry: Camilla Seretti by Sahar Manley @camillaseretti @rollsroycesahar

Hannah is excited to be able to keep developing her acting career. She is going to appear in an exciting upcoming new movie on Netflix. In addition, she is also volunteering to support The Jane Goodall Institute, a charity that promotes global conservation and protects chimpanzees, and she’s very motivated to make a positive contribution to this project.

More than anything, by making her appearance in the shooting of Money Bags x Privé Porter, Hannah says it was a dream come true for her. “Those bags are so mesmerizing because they’re just so beautiful, perfect and shiny”.

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