Model Nikki Gal on her entrepreneurial and multi-faceted lifestyle

Model Nikki Gal brings a clear perspective on a multifaceted lifestyle through her versatile roles and meaningful mission.

Nikki Gal is a multi-hyphenate. She is a fashion model, entrepreneur, digital designer, public speaker and mental health advocate. Her mission is to spread the light on creating your own innovative multi-faceted lifestyle as a woman in today’s world.

Nikki Gal’s passion for creativity

Growing up in a small town, Nikki Gal’s dream was to become a fashion model. Since the age of 15,  she has relentlessly pursued her dream in carving her own path in the modeling industry. “I’ve always loved the creative dynamic of fashion and the mystique of it all”, she says.

In 2014, she signed to a lucrative modeling agency, followed by signing to another lucrative agency in 2015. In the present day with a decade-long career in professional modeling, Nikki has appeared in the pages and covers of numerous fashion magazines, fashion campaigns, as well as editorials across Europe, Asia and USA.

In 2018, she pivoted into entrepreneurship, forming five companies including developing a non-profit organization for women’s mental health and wellness. In addition, Nikki Gal has developed and launched various international digital media campaigns and art pieces pertaining to female empowerment as well as mental health advocacy which have reached millions of women within our world.

“My mission is to get a multitude of creative conversations going, while simultaneously strengthening those conversations through limitless empowerment and creative liberation.”

How she continues to further her career development

Nikki Gal believes the modeling industry and the fashion industry go hand in hand. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to meet many talented creatives as well as designers who have worked diligently for years to invent ideas and new visions. “Photography is art, it is a gift of inspiration, vision, and story. I like to tell a story when I am photographed”, Gal says.

Throughout the many fashion editorials Gal has worked on through the years, black and white minimalistic photography accompanied by a splash of color have become one of Gal’s main inspiration and elements. “I really enjoy seeing the whole vision come together, it’s so inspiring to witness”.

Balancing her roles as a fashion model, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate, Gal continues to challenge society’s expectations and norms. “Any individual can create themselves and the life they wish to live, you just have to embrace yourself and everything will fall into place”, Nikki says.

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Model: Nikki Gal
Photographer: Shots by G
Collaboration/PR: Coral Avenue Public Relations

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