Emilia Dobreva – Kosovan fashion model and social media celebrity

Born in Pristina, Kosovo, and raised in London, UK, Emilia Dobreva is a Kosovan fashion model and Social media celebrity. Since her first commercial at the age of 12, Emilia continues to find her fame as winner of Miss Model of the World 2015, Miss International of 2019 and 2020.

Emilia began her modeling career at the age of 12 with lingerie commercials. Subsequently, at the age of 16, she walked in NY Fashion Week as a teenage model. Since then, she has walked for various fashion shows including Fashion Week of Latinas America, Dubai Fashion Week, Riyadh Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and many more.

In 2015, Emilia won the title of Miss Model of the World. In 2019 and 2020, she won the Miss Friendship International title along with the title of Miss Talent Winner in Chengdu, China. With her rising fame as a fashion on various social media platforms, Emilia has garnered thousands of followers. She has amassed more than 436k followers on Instagram as of now.

The beginning of Emilia Dobreva the model

Emilia was born in the heart of Europe, in the youngest country in the world, Kosovo. When she was a baby, her family moved to the UAE, where Emilia spent most of her childhood in Dubai. She recalled she would often be found at kite beach, where she often walk along the embankment. In addition, the Women’s Pavilion expo is always one of her favorite places to express her love for modern art.

Having been fond of modeling from a very young age, she made her modeling debut at the age of 12 with a lingerie commercial. “I remember my first casting for a fashion show. There were a lot of models. I was the youngest and no one took me seriously. I walked very confidently, and then the casting director asked me, ‘What shows have you already done?’ I replied immodestly, ‘Did I walk so well? This will be my first show.’ I was very happy at that moment. (Laughing ). By the way, I’m still working with this designer.”

Finding the right balance

Unlike most young girls, it was essential for Emilia to find her own balance between work and knowledge. Life was not easy for the 12-years-old girl. She remembered during her work trips, she would have to study remotely and online, do all her homework between shoots, and read books in the car. Nonetheless, she graduated from high school as one of the best students.

To Emilia, every experience is a lesson. Her experiences in fashion weeks around the globe allowed her to meet and communicate with people of different nationalities, ages, and occupations. She confesses that these experiences have given her the opportunity to share her “I” and hear others’ stories. She learned to be honest with herself and never give up.

Emilia on sharing her beauty secrets

“Beauty starts from inside. Healthy food and good sleep are the main secrets of beauty,” she shares. As a supermodel and beauty queen, it is without question for Emilia to take great care of her beauty.

“Do not forget to eat more vitamins -fruits. As for the hair, I try not to use hairdryers, stylers, sprays, and styling products of everyday life. The hair should rest. And remember that health is the new wealth,” she adds.

Emilia always makes sure her health is well-taken of despite her busy schedule.  Emelia starts at 4 every morning with a glass of green juice followed by a two-hour tennis workout. Once her workout is finished,  her working day begins with fittings, fashions, and shootings.

Fashion is all about sharing love

Emilia Dobreva loves fashion photography because it’s a great way to express herself in different forms. What is interesting about a fashion photoshoot, according to her, is it allows a model to turn into an actress. In addition, a fashion story is a great place for a model like herself to tell a real story. Likewise, it is beauty with purpose as every story carries a certain idea.

Emilia is an animal lover. She herself has two dogs at home and many wards in the homes of dogs who are looking for owners. With this said, Emilia finds herself excited to be performing with a pigeon. Even though it was her first experience shooting with a bird, Emilia did not find much difficulty in becoming the pigeon’s friend. When asked why a pigeon is chosen, she says, “ Pigeon is a symbol of peace, purity, and love. This is what is really important to me and what I would like to bring to society…”.

What’s next for Emilia Dobreva

Dobreva just turned 24 last May. She still has many great opportunities waiting for her. With her love for fashion, she thinks in the next 20 years, she will continue to do exactly what she loves. Continue her modeling career and develop her brand. What’s more, Dobreva thinks she probably will participate in the competition in the category of Mrs., or she will transfer knowledge to a new generation of future top models.

20 years may be a long way from now. Yet we are all excited to see what the future brings for the talented Emilia Dobreva.

** Team + clothing credits **

Model: Emilia Dobreva @miss_dobreva_official
Photographer: Anastasia Panjinskaya @anastasiapanjinkskya
Make up and hair: Tatiana Lugovaia @hairstyle_makeup_dubai
Style: Angelika Zaiceva @angelikabambo

Fashion Agency: Marc Juan Comunicación
Dresses: Amato Couture  @amatofficial

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