Little Vivienne Rose has learnt to challenge herself from a young age

At ten years old, young model Vivienne Rose has walked NYFW runway shows, filmed fashion projects, and participated in luxury fashion events.

Little Vivienne Rose has learnt to challenge herself from a young age 1

Vivienne Rose was born in San Francisco, California. The Asian American model and actress started her modeling career in 2021. She was only nine years old when she modeled for Marais Sky, a kids fashion brand. It was an amazing experience for the little girl. She still models for Marais Sky frequently.

Vivienne Rose’s first modeling experiences

At ten years old, Vivienne Rose has worked for international brands such as Nike, Yale Locks, and MiFold. One of her favorite memories was the first time she saw her Time Square Billboard advertisement. She giggled, “I did a Billboard advertisement for Lulu et Gigi. It ran for one minute every fifteen minutes for ten days. It was surreal seeing my face on the big screen. It was exciting when friends and family told me they saw it too.” Nike was another one of her favorite shoots. She described, “This one was a special shoot for Nike, so they had a snack bar, arts and crafts, gifts, games to play. I took home the cool new Nike shoes! There was even a DJ to play music while I modeled. It was a lot of fun.”

The talented girl

Vivienne Rose loves making digital creations, anime, gaming, music, theatre, skiing, traveling, and learning new languages. She is working towards being a polyglot and can speak three languages, English, Spanish, ISand German. She just started learning Portuguese. She also understands a little Japanese from visiting Japan, and watching anime!

Life when not modeling

Despite early working experiences, the ten-year-old still enjoys her childhood tremendously. Only her close friends know she is a model, but most of her classmates don’t know that. Together with her best friends, Emma P. and Briana M., they play video games, write short stories, or watch and talk about anime. Vivienne Rose loves movies. She exclaimed, “I like murder mysteries and action movies. The Marvel. Documentaries about World War II. I also love the theater. My favorite show is Hamilton.”

Little Vivienne Rose has learnt to challenge herself from a young age 2

A typical day of hers starts with waking up and getting ready for school. “Next, I go to school online for two hours a day. Then I complete homework on my own. After that, depending on the day, I will have acting, modeling, math, art, or chess class. Finally, I usually do auditions or interviews around noon,” she described. Vivienne also studies the location of all countries and all their flags. “I know how Vietnam’s flag looks, and I hope to visit there soon,” she brightened up with pride. Asked what color stood for her character, she didn’t hesitate, “Red! I think the crimson shade would match my fiery personality.”


Model: Vivienne Rose.
Photographer: Arezoo Jalali.
HMUA: Adrea Orozco.
Wardrobe/Designer: Kiki Wang

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