Jane Lauder Warsh

Jane Lauder, cháu gái của người sáng lập thương hiệu cùng tên Estée Lauder, là nữ tỷ phú trẻ nhất nước Mỹ năm 2013.

Jane Lauder, The granddaughter of cosmetics legend Estée Lauder, Jane Lauder became America’s youngest female billionaire in 2013, entering the ranks following a transfer of shares in the family cosmetics empire. In April Jane Lauder will take the helm at Clinique, a mall-staple skin-care line and one of the 30 brands under the Estée Lauder umbrella. Her new gig as global brand president marks the culmination of 18 years at her late grandmother’s company; she joined in 1996, a year after graduating from Stanford. Before being appointed to run Clinique, she oversaw business at natural-makeup company Origins. Jane Lauder replaced her father, Ronald, on the Estée Lauder board in 2009 and now serves alongside big sister Aerin and cousin William. Her husband, Kevin Warsh, also a Stanford grad, was the youngest-ever appointee to the Federal Reserve Board; he’s currently a visiting fellow at their alma mater’s Hoover Institution. The couple lives in Manhattan’s trendy Nolita.

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