How Pop Princess Sasha Anne is inspiring others through her own journey

Talking with Sasha Anne is not only about her successful career. We also seeing the positive values that the singer conveys from her own journey.

Sasha Anne is not only a multi-talented star, constantly challenging herself through many roles from beauty blogger, singer and actress. She also brings positive inspiration to the community. Once a victim of school violence, Sasha Anne is now a strong supporter of the movement against it. And in the face of damaged hair after cancer treatment, the singer still maintains an optimistic spirit and always tells women to be confident in their own appearance as she shares in the interview below.

Sasha Anne: Always trying to improve herself

Born in NYC, Sasha Anne got her start in the industry at 13 when she started posting makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. In 2017 she was a finalist in the Shorty Awards for her Cinderella makeup video and in 2018 she won the Audience Award for Best in Beauty for her Wonder Woman Gal Gadot makeup video as part of her Empowering Young Women campaign.

While continuing her successful YouTube channel, which now has 6 million views, Sasha moved to LA and has parlayed it into acting. Her first starring role was in the indie horror film Reed’s Point produced by Suzanne DeLaurentiis, streaming on platforms like Amazon Prime and VuDu. Sasha also has a cameo in the upcoming comedy series On All Fours starring Eric Roberts.

Sasha is also signed to Tazmania Records and, in 2022, her debut single Catch Me I’m Falling, garnered over one million streams. This was a cover of the 80’s hit from her mentor, singer/songwriter Jade Starling of Pretty Poison. She followed up with a cover of Amber’s This Is The Night. In April 2023,Sasha released her first original song and music video, Scars which hit #1 on the North American Music Worx charts after only 3 weeks in rotation.

With a penchant for experimenting with Disney fashion, makeup in her spare time, Sasha has now expanded her YouTube channel with the start of her new series The Vibe with Sasha Anne, where she covers topics in beauty, fashion and entertainment as well as taking on the position of MC interviewing prominent guests.

The strong will of a survivor

Not only that, Sasha Anne is also anti-bullying advocate, having been bullied in middle school for her dyslexia. Now, as an artist, it seems that all her efforts are to empower those who have been bullied like her. Sasha Anne’s path to inspiration became even more difficult when she had to deal with her own cancer.

However, with the strong intentions of an inspirational person, after finishing chemo, Sasha realizes her potential power to conquer anything:

“I’m stronger than I know, every morning and night I wake up and go to sleep feeling so blessed to have the life I have and that anything can happen to anyone at the most random times in their life so I want to live each day to the fullest and put my all into everything that I do because I can never know what will happen the next day”.

Even though she has previously undergone treatment and her appearance was affected. She has now recovered completely.

According to Sasha, she always knew her hair will grow back later so that can’t stop her from being confident in herself. In addition, also music and makeup were her medicine. With hard days and don’t want to do anything, Sasha Anne chose to practice singing as a therapy to increase dopamine immediately. Sometimes she forced herself to wear makeup to distract from the world’s problems.

Sasha Anne brings optimism to herself and the community

Sasha Anne’s battle not only inspired and helped her keep going and do what she loves, but it also inspired Sasha to help those who are going through hard times and show them that they are not alone:

“Cancer actually wasn’t the worst thing that happened to me because being bullied in middle school was worse. At least there’s medicine to cure the cancer. And I had my friends, family and followers by my side virtually the whole time. Bullying will never stop until those people seek help for themselves”.

As a fan of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Sasha Anne truly admires the positive feeling and influence they have on her fans. Therefore, Sasha hopes that, as a singer, she will bring music products that help listeners feel empowered, happy and hopeful.

Sasha Anne still maintains her passion for art

Despite her health condition, the singer’s career goals and plans have not changed. Sasha Anne is still taking acting classes, voice lessons and dance classes. She is still getting auditions and her goal is to still be in a big movie or TV show someday and to go on tour in the future singing. And doing her makeup videos.

Currently, Sasha Anne is working with mentor and voice coach Jade Starling on her voice each week and she also co-produces the songs she is working on for her new album. Sasha Anne’s past experiences inspire her, so each original song is like telling a story in the singer’s own life, something she’s been through.

She will also be doing another two live performances in June and August and she is currently still promoting her new original single Scars and working on her next single Busy Summer now.

Team Credits

Talent: Sasha Anne @simplysashaanne

Photography: Matt Doheny @dohenyphoto

Makeup: Sasha Anne @simplysashaanne

Hair: Nicole Sanchez @nicole_san

Wardrobe Stylist: Lo VonRumpf @stylelvr

Talent Booking: Emily Blair Media @emilyblairmedia

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