How Allison Brady blends style, philanthropic endeavors, and inspiration in her illustrious career?

Emerged onto the scene in 1995 after being discovered in a Wilhelmina New York Supermodel Search, Allison Brady has become a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Her sense of style, love for travel, and dedication to charitable causes set her apart in a league of her own.

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After being discovered, Allison Brady’s fashion journey began with print modeling for major fashion magazines. She appeared in music videos for Was Not Was, and TV commercials for the music channel The Box. The dynamic model amusingly describes her career as “has lasted much longer than I anticipated.” She explains that it is due to changes in the industry in terms of inclusion.

Thanks to shows including America’s Top Model and the fashion industry promoting models representing different sizes, ethnicities, and ages, there are more opportunities than ever for models over 40. Allison’s recent modeling jobs include several magazine covers and beauty and product campaigns including Oribe, Caddis glasses, Embellish Beauty, Shortcut, Target, Amazon, and more.

Modeling has allowed Allison Brady the opportunity to visit incredible cities, where she is inspired and awed by linear architecture, nature’s beauty, and local artwork. “Whenever I travel, I seek out hip, local fashion brands, so I’m always bringing back home some amazing, gorgeous accessory that celebrates that country I’ve just visited.” Her favorite international brands and stores include from Vengru handbags from Budapest, handmade earrings from Juwelen Huysman in Eeklo, Belgium, and home decor accessories from Abe & Mary in Montreal.

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When not modeling or traveling, Allison devotes time to charitable endeavors. From fundraising to event planning to creating awareness, she has partnered with top fashion brands including Van Cleef & Arpels, Christofle, De Beers, and Michael Kors, to raise funds for nonprofits including Gene Spotlight, and Kids Hear Now, and No Kid Hungry.

Harper’s Bazaar had the opportunity to meet Allison during one of her trips and engage in a brief conversation with the model:

Harper’s Bazaar (HBZVN): How would you describe your sense of style?

ALLISON BRADY: High/low hipster, mixing designer chic with everyday favorite pieces. Mixing a Chanel sweater & ballet flats with an Ookie & Lala jacket and Veronica Beard slacks is a typical look for me.

HBZVN: Where do you get your style and inspiration from?

When I travel, at the airport, I always grab the international edition of Harper’s Bazaar and other top magazines. I’ll read them on the plane and tear out and keep the fashion pages that inspire me the most.

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HBZVN: What are some of your favorite beauty products and why?

ALLISON BRADY: My favorite is the Lip Refresher by Embellish Beauty. It perfectly hydrates my lips with a refreshing peppermint taste and is so soothing. I also love Jones Road mascara, as it gives my eyelashes great volume without flaking.

HBZVN: What do you love most about traveling?

ALLISON BRADY: I love the mix of architecture and character of buildings, the cultural differences, and the natural beauty of wherever I go. When my travel permits, I love to try and keep up and practice the languages I studied growing up, which includes Spanish, French, and Japanese.

HBZVN: What are your favorite photographic images to capture?

ALLISON BRADY: I love being surprised by where I am. Seeing an unexpected broken down building with lots of character or peeking over a hill and seeing a beautiful field of sunflowers. I don’t head to photograph the typical tourist sites. I look for the unusual, offbeat things that are beautiful to me.

HBZVN: What inspires you to support different charities? What do you look for in them?

I love supporting charities where I can see the direct impact of whom the donations are helping. I also love hosting and organizing smaller size events that benefit charities, as that’s an easy way to introduce people in a fun way to important causes. Next up for the me is co-hosting a shopping charity event at accessories designer Kendra Scott with my daughters Alexis and Taylor, who just launched the non-profit Bored No More. Their non-profit creates fun activity bags for kids in hospital stays. I’m so proud that my kids have the same desire to give back.

HBZVN: How do you best feel you can leave your mark in this world?

ALLISON BRADY: By doing my part to help inspire others to donate and get involved in cause that are important to them.

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Model: Allison Weiss Brady @allisonwbrady.
Agency: Click Models Philadelphia @modelingwithreneelauren.
Photographer: Shanyn Fiske @shanynfiske.
Hair & makeup: Diana Kramer @diana_k_beauty.
Stylists: Shanyn Fiske @shanynfiske and Brooke Rounick @fashionablynoted.
PR: Say Media @say__media.

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