Heloise Constance Isabelle Marie de Mauleon De Bruyeres, a girl of two worlds and two cultures

The young Heloise Constance Isabelle Marie de Mauleon De Bruyeres shares her thoughts on her background and her vision of the future.

Heloise Constance Isabelle Marie de Mauleon De Bruyeres. Outfits, Peleon Corp.

My name is Heloise Constance Isabelle Marie de Mauleon De Bruyeres. I am 18 years old, a French Peruvian girl – someone of two worlds and two cultures. My parents gave me the best education from the two cultures – Art and more. I could also add the heritage of two grandparents, one aristocrat and the other, one of the best businessmen in South America. I went to an American school in Lima, Peru.

Family history

I grew up speaking two languages. My father is the Comte Emmanuel De Mauleon De Bruyeres, a descendent of the Louis kings of France. Our family tree tells of a thousand years of history. My Mother is a lawyer. She has always run businesses and shown me how to work and help others.

My grandfather was a Peruvian businessman. Seventy years ago, he pioneered making safety shoes and garments for mining workers. His story has inspired me so much. To me, my grandpa was “the man.” He always wore black sunglasses.

My mother inherited my grandfather’s company and brought it to an international scale. She changed the company’s trajectory from producing mining garments to producing garments for everyday use. A strong female presence influenced my upbringing. I always saw women step up and take charge. Hopefully, one day I can do the same. I am very interested in the business side of things. Although right now, I’m only listening in meetings, I am getting ready to lead one day.

Passion for fine art

Arts have always been a part of my life.  I’ve learned painting and drawing since my birth and consider myself a creative soul. As a ballet dancer, I am so much in love with dance that there have been occasions, I cried in the theater because they are so beautiful and otherworldly. There is like this fantasy and magic, where you get transported to a realm of romantic tutus, flower crowns, and pretty landscapes. My favorite ballet is La Fille Mal Gardee.

Being very artistic, your vision changes with your experiences. When I started drawing portraits as a hobby, I looked at people’s faces admiring the moles and folds of their skin because I had to spend hours trying to draw them. I love little details. Yesterday, I was working on some beading and although it may seem tedious, I love it.

LUISA BECCARIA Scarf by Peleon Corp.


The fabric (from the shawl) is royal alpaca and I feel proud to represent a part of my heritage. My house has always been covered in fabrics, garments, and buttons from my mother’s work. I myself know how to knit and weave, and I always do little projects to occupy my time.

I remember watching the Chanel 2014/2015 collection – the one with the supermarket collection. As a little girl, I once sat on the couches at the Chanel store while my mother shopped. The iPads in the stores played the story of Gabrielle Chanel, and a lot of it did stick in my young mind. I also love brands like Rodarte and the new surge of ballet core trend. I stick to the classics, they will never do you wrong.

LUISA BECCARIA Scarf by Peleon Corp.

My mom and I share the same clothes. I just have this huge respect for fashion designers and innovators and the models that shape this new generation, those Versace platform pumps that are to die for. My mother’s wedding dress was made by Christian Lacroix. The veil and tiara were worn by all the brides of the family.

There are a lot of connections between fashion and royals. For example, Elsa Schiaparelli was an Italian aristocrat.


I was taught respect and humility. Your manners are extremely important.

For me, royals don’t exactly represent themselves. They represent their countries and lineage. When I see pictures of my ancestors, I see a story, a story that must be told. I don’t want history to forget them as just names in history books. There is so much more. The way they changed history cannot be forgotten.

The future is female and we are in great hands. We have great role models for young girls. La Infanta Leonor with her eloquent speeches. Princess Amalia, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, and Princess Ingrid of Norway, who just joined the military, we are in a special time of history when we are seeing girls take charge. Excitingly, the rules are changing.

Even non-reigning royals such as Vitto de Savoia, and Mafalda make their mark on the world with their boldness and break the boxes society puts them in.

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