Fariba Rahimi, a girl from Iran for Iran

In this interview with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Fariba Rahimi talks about life, womanhood, and her interest in the real estate business. 

Fariba Rahimi, a girl from Iran for Iran 1

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Anyone who knows Fariba Rahimi knows that she is a boss woman who is not afraid to tackle any storm. After laying the foundation for her own company, being a supermodel for fashion houses like Versace and Calvin Klein, and being an advocate for women’s rights, Fariba is not done yet. There’s a lot left to achieve for the Norwegian wonder woman.

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Life of a celebrity

When talking about life with us, she shared insights from her own experience as a model. Even though her relationship with fame goes way back, she lives a not-so-perfect life. Fariba insists on the difference between life on TV and real life.

According to her, the life that the media portrays is very far from reality. In fact, celebrities have to work twice as hard. Their mornings start at a very early hour, as compared to the rest of the world. They have to work hard to meet people’s expectations, which puts a strain on their minds. 

Fariba Rahimi, a girl from Iran for Iran 2

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There are certain criteria that every celebrity needs to fit into, in order to be accepted by the world. Be it a certain body size or a personality type. However, Fariba does not mind putting up with everyone’s expectations because the amount of love and appreciation she gets from her fans makes up for all that mental strain.

Fariba Rahimi: Women Supporting Women

When talking about womanhood, Fariba says that she’s never afraid to speak her mind. She’s one of the biggest advocates of women’s rights and continues to bring up women from all over the world. She was one of the very first celebrities who spoke up against women’s rights violations in Iran. 

Fariba Rahimi

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Fariba Rahimi has always been vocal on social media in support of women. She has made her sentiments on the issue pretty clear on her Instagram. She feels a responsibility for talking about such matters as she has a huge following on her social media platforms. 

According to Fariba, women can achieve anything if they put their minds to it. Because when you say yes to all your fears and step out of your comfort zone, that’s when you defeat those fears. Saying yes to everything can help you find the “drive” you need to keep moving forward. 

Fariba Rahimi, a girl from Iran for Iran 3

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The key for women, according to Fariba, is knowing their worth and then asking for it. According to Fariba, women only get the value they communicate. So you need to communicate your value for everything for the other person to realize it.

Talking about business, Fariba Rahimi also shared how she has developed a great interest in the property business in the recent past. Fariba Rahimi has always been intrigued by the real estate industry. In fact, one of her first businesses was in the same industry.

According to Fariba, real estate is the real deal these days, no matter what part of the world you are in. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In real estate, you can literally achieve your dreams within a few months, Fariba says. 

This is one of the most lucrative industries that can make you a millionaire within a day if you do everything right, according to Fariba. She currently owns one of the leading facilities management companies in Norway. 

Fariba eyes the real estate world for the future and cannot wait to dive in. She also encourages women from all over the world to start that business they’ve always been meaning to. 

It’s time to take that leap of faith!  

Fariba Rahimi

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