Destiny Wagner: The first Miss Earth from Belize

Miss Earth 2021 Destiny Wagner visits Vietnam

Outfit, Tuyet Le

As the first Belizean woman to ever win an international crown, Destiny Wagner is ready to put in the hard work that will best represent her country. The beautiful 25-year-old Belizean pageant topped 79 other delegates to bring home the first international crown for her country.

Destiny is still much emotional about her win, she says, “it’s always an honor to represent my country! I was expecting to do well but news like this doesn’t usually happen to girls in my country so to actually win is a pivotal moment”.

She “feels blessed and eager to continue to represent my country and women around the globe who have experienced any form of discrimination due to their economic status, skin tone and hair”.

Destiny is a queen with natural hair. However, it wasn’t all easy. She spills her heart in our interview, “I receive a lot of mean messages. However, they don’t outweigh the positive messages. I think for years black women have been policed for their hair.

However, representation is so important! Women are born in different shapes and sizes, different skin tones and different hair types. I am blessed to be a representative of the earth and represent various cultures but most importantly advocate for unity and love”.

A hope to revive and support eco tourism

Not only she is Miss Earth 2021, Destiny Wagner is also the ambassador of sustainable tourism in Belize. The beauty pageant is working to build more conservations, while encourage and support the eco tourism in her home country. Belize, like many other countries, suffered during the pandemic, Destiny explains.

“Now that we are at the final stages of combating this virus, I am ready to promote eco tourism and be on the forefront of marine conservation”, she says. Her love for marine life conservatory has inspire the beauty queen to join many of the environmentalist campaigns.

She believes that given the climate we should join our hands to protect the Earth so our next generations can continue to enjoy the gifts of the nature. “I am passionate about traveling and sustainability so this is my dream job!”, she laughs. Destiny Wagner hopes that she can continue share her vision and her love for nature with everyone around the world, to build a stronger, more sustainable future for the Earth.

Outfit, Tuyet Le

Destiny Wagner – Truong Ngoc Anh and the common goals

Working with Nova Entertainment for the upcoming pageant competition, she finds Truong Ngoc Anh humble yet striving with goals. Filled with excitement, Destiny shares how she trust the president of Nova Entertainment, the organizer of this year Miss Earth 2022 competition, will bring great things to the event this year. “The delegates are going to have an awesome time working alongside her”, she says excitedly.

During her photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, Destiny was thrilled with the idea of bringing various cultures to together. “Not just artistically but also ecologically. Given the climate we’re in right now it’s very important that we realize that we have more in common than we think and work together to achieve common goals”, she says. Destiny and Truong Ngoc Anh’s common visions are clear.

They both hope to showcase their beautiful nations to the world. At the same time, to revive and support the tourism industry, while raise awareness to protect the environment and the Earth.

Destiny Wagner become a judge on Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2022

Destiny Wagner surprised everyone upon appearing at the grand launch and press conference of the Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2022.

The Miss Earth 2021 has agreed to become one of the judges in the upcoming national competition organized by Nova Entertainment, whose winner will represent Vietnam at the Miss Earth 2022 pageant later this year.

Destiny Evelyn will join the jury members of the Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2022  including: H’Hen Nie, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017; Le Si Hoang, researcher in ethnic clothing; Nguyen Quang Dung, movie director; Nguyen Phi Van, speaker and author.

At the event, she said: “I was very excited to be a judge at the Miss Vietnam Ethnicity 2022. This is my first time in Asia so it is a very special trip for me. I am looking forward to learning more about the culture and the different ethnic groups in Vietnam. I’m hoping that all of the judges go find the right delegate for the competition”.

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