Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper at Full Speed

Behind closed doors, Alex Cooper finds herself extremely fortunate to have always felt empowered to own my intelligence and sexuality.

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Through her bold, daring podcast Call Her Daddy, Alex Cooper redefines sexuality, feminism, and women empowerment. This talented host draws millions of viewers with her hot takes, hilarious monologues and relatable charm.

There is no topic that Cooper and her A-list guests are not afraid to discuss. With her $60 million deal with streaming giant Spotify, Alex is ready to break down outdated perceptions in our society.

Alexandra Cooper, an inspiring host of an adult-only podcast


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Rooted in confidence, charisma, wellness and self-love, the Call Her Daddy host attracts millions of viewers into her world with impactful topics under the lens of sex. Through her stories on the podcast, Alex Cooper encourages her viewers to live their most authentic lives.


Bodysuit: Galvan. Sunglasses : Bottega Veneta.

Call Her Daddy has always pushed boundaries and encouraged conversation around topics that are mostly discussed or thought about behind closed doors. Although sexuality is a universal commonality, society has yet to fully embrace the authentic public conversation around the topic” shares Cooper.

There is, however, so much more to the show than just sexuality. Alex believes that expanding and discussing mental health, insecurities, self-acceptance, the negative effects of social media and bullying had helped her open up new doors for any issue to be covered on the show.


Bodysuit: Galvan. Bikershorts: Mugler. Jacket: Versace. Sunglasses : Bottega Veneta. Shoes: Versace

Every episode of Call Her Daddy has brought her closer to the audience. Because her mother is a psychologist, mental health and the discussion around it was a requirement in Cooper’s home. However, as she got older, Cooper realized that not all her friends had the same upbringing that considered making mental health a priority and an acceptable public conversation topic.


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Being a sounding board to her friends, Cooper understands that mental health and sexuality are conversations that are missing the right platform. As a result, Call Her Daddy starts as the conversations she would had with friends and just made it more public. She says, “I hope that more conversations around these topics will lead to greater self-acceptance, which leads you then to being a better and happier person.”

The $60 million history-making deals with streaming giant Spotify


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The history-making deal with Spotify earned Alex Cooper $60 million. Cooper feels grateful that Spotify showing their respect for the show and their recognition of the podcast’s value. “Of course, there is pressure in terms of producing and delivering the absolute best product we possibly can, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is what every entrepreneur and creator strive for, a platform that is global and more importantly, an audience that is loyal,” Alex confides.


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Her first solo episode, ‘The Funeral’, was recorded in her parent’s basement in the middle of the pandemic.  She recalls, “it was an empowering moment that allowed me to connect with my audience in a way I had never done before. The episode was a huge breakthrough and changed my relationship with my listeners and the direction of the show’s content. In addition, the Miley Cyrus episode was a huge moment for the show, as it felt like the launching pad to securing even larger global recognition and respect.”


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What’s more, her interview with Annalynn McCord was “groundbreaking”. In Cooper’s words, the actress was a resilient woman. In the episode, Annalynn so powerfully discussed her journey to reclaim her life and find her voice. In fact, Alex tells us, “I am so grateful to every guest that has contributed to the show and allowed my audience and myself the honor of hearing and being a part of their personal journey.”

The beauty who felt empowered to own her intelligence and sexuality


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Alex Cooper is an empowering figure for women. She defines sexy and feminine while being a striving businesswoman. Behind closed doors, Cooper truly feels fortunate to have always felt empowered to own her intelligence and sexuality.

“I must give my parents credit for this as I grew up in a household where my parents offered me endless support and encouragement, which helped me to recognize the power of my voice and ignited my drive to break down outdated perceptions in our society,” she confesses.


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One thing our creative host learned in business: you can only control yourself. The podcast host advises that focusing in yourself will allow you to be ten times more productive. For Alex, Call Her Daddy is her number one priority. “That is what our fans (the Daddy Gang) deserve and I am eternally grateful for their support and trust in me,” she says.


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In 2022, Cooper is excited that Call Her Daddy will continue to come with an exciting list of possibilities. Sharing with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, she reveals that there will continue to be new stylistic ideas, new topics, new formats, new guests. In addition, she is also working with Spotify on some new exciting creative projects, and she can’t wait to announce them soon.

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