Briana Gonzalez – Live your passion

The 19-years-old business student is actively and strategically planning for her dream career: To become a professional model

Briana Gonzalez seems to be your typical business student: graduated from high school with Cum Laude honors, entering Florida State University, taking weekday classes and working part-time on the weekend. However, the 19-years-old is much more ambitious than what she let on. She is pursuing a business degree in order to propel her career into the professional modelling scene. “As a model, you are your own business. A business degree gives you the freedome to explore options,” the youth says.

Dream of becoming a professional model

Briana has loved fashion since she was a little child. “From a young age, I loved playing dress up, wearing my mom’s heels, and even emulated her makeup.

Now, I love modeling and the whole world around it. From photography to makeup and poses to fashion. My future goals are to graduate from college with a business degree and continue my passion for modeling,” Briana tells us.

Briana’s clear goal and work ethics was formed during her childhood, watching her mother’s hard work. “My mom sacrified many years as a single mother,” she says. In fact, her mother actively supported her dream. “She is a big reason why I have pursued this career.” 

Having a strong support system is vital to a budding model. Beside a close-knit family, Briana also found encouragement in her best friends. “I’m fortunate to have two best friends, Angie Ruiz and Becky Tellez. I met them both in first grade, and we’ve been like sisters ever since. Angie and I share our passion for modeling and we have traveled to California and New York together.” 

She is hopeful that her planning will help her achieve a career like her idol Emma Chamberlain. “She has accomplished so much on her own and has become successful very quickly by following her dream,” Briana explaines. 

Briana’s exercise and diet

Briana is strategically preparing for her career. Aside from building a strong educational background to own her business, she follows a strict diet and workout routine to stay fit.

“I hit the gym several days a week and use a home workout app if I’m not able to make it to the gym,” Briana says. As for diet, she is now following a clean diet plan with lots of greens, fruits and fish. “What you put into your body is what you get out of it”. 

At only 19 years of age, does all this planning ever get tiring? Briana refutes, “When you are doing what you are passionate about, you will never work a day in your life.”  

Credit Team

Model: Briana Gonzalez @briixnaa.

Photographer: Mosaab Alsaray Art @mosaabalsarayart.

Agency: Next Level Modeling Agency @nextlevelmodelingagency.

Makeup & Hair: Mikki Erickson @mikkis_makeup

Outfits: Smokke Show @officialsmokkeshow.

PR & Location: House of Paradise @houseofparadise01

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