Brandi Gregge: Enhancing your natural beauty through regenerative aesthetic medicine

As the founder of Mint & Needle, the visionary nurse practitioner strives to promote natural-looking aesthetics through the application of regenerative aesthetic medicine, empowering every person along the way.

Brandi Gregge’s journey into the world of nursing and healthcare began with a deep-rooted passion for health and aesthetics. Growing up in a resource-restricted environment, she wanted to create the life she desired. She said, “I needed to feel my best to be my best.”

This early realization inspired her to pursue a B.S. in Kinesiology and Nursing, as well as an MBA and MSN. And in 2019, Brandi combined her medical and aesthetic expertise with her business acumen to establish Mint & Needle, a unique medical aesthetic boutique.

“My excitement for aesthetic medicine grew as I witnessed the impact it had—not just on the outward appearance of my patients, but also on their inward transformations as a result.” This realization led her to adopt a practice focused on natural appearing results with a wellness mindset.

At the core of Mint & Needle’s approach is her signature philosophy of empowering patients. “I hope to provide others with the ‘feel your best, be your best’ mentality. I want all women and men to feel empowered in their own skin. And my principles are more than skin deep.”

The boutique offers avant-garde treatments and products, such as regenerative biostimulators (Radiesse, Sculptra), combination therapy with lasers, exosomes, threads, and signature full facial balancing.

Brandi Gregge evaluates her patients on a 365-degree basis, considering their entire facial structure and harmony to develop personalized treatment plans. She treats aesthetic medicine as an art form, utilizing her keen eye to enhance her patients’ natural beauty. “I strive to be an industry disruptor and differentiator, at the forefront of our art, and focusing on regenerative natural appearing aesthetics.”

Maintaining integrity, passion, and hustle, the nurse practitioner ensures that her practice stays up-to-date with the latest, most effective, and safe treatments and products.

Brandi Gregge’s journey extends beyond the confines of Mint & Needle. As a Key Opinion Leader, speaker, and trainer for renowned medical companies like Merz and Allergan, she actively collaborates with industry colleagues, focusing on collective growth rather than competition.

The success stories at Mint & Needle are countless, with each patient’s personal experience fueling Brandi’s passion to use her skills for the betterment of others. She has supported cancer survivors in regaining their confidence, assisted women with physical trauma in building self-assurance, and provided pro-bono services to burnt victims and those with severe injuries. Besides that, “one of my core values is supporting other entrepreneurs. You will likely find Mint & Needle partnering up with local business owners in creative, fun and community-positive ways!” Brandi shared her approach.

Running her own practice presents its share of challenges, from nurturing a company culture to maintaining exceptional patient care. She thus prioritizes aligning her business decisions with her mission and values, creating a heart-centered environment for both her team and patients.

She explained, “It has certainly been a (welcomed) challenge to work closely with my team and personally care for their wellbeing—creating a culture and environment that they enjoy and flourish in—and, at the same time, ensuring that the business is concurrently fruitful. For every decision that I make, I intentionally come back to the foundation of it all… My mission and values, ensuring that the business remains in heart-centered alignment.”

Community outreach and giving back hold a special place in her heart. Having overcome domestic violence, she is a dedicated champion for mental health and actively supports initiatives to combat gender-based violence. “Mint & Needle is a proud partner of the DE Coalition Against Domestic Violence—we collaborate through pro-bono services, awareness campaigns, sponsoring and donation.”

How does Brandi Gregge harmonize the interplay between her personal life and professional pursuits? As an entrepreneur, she understands the significance of maintaining a healthy worklife balance. She prioritizes self-care through regular exercise, nutritional choices, and a lifestyle that allows her to delegate responsibilities to her dedicated team.

When seeking a moment of relaxation, her dream vacation is “a Mediterranean escape… Walking on a beach with sand between my toes, refreshing crystal-clear water lapping near, slipping into espadrille sandals with a wide straw hat, dining at a small mom and pop restaurant with a family atmosphere, authentic cuisine and delicious wine pairings…”

Looking ahead, Brandi Gregge envisions a future of growth and expansion for Mint & Needle. The boutique is set to open a second location in Lewes, DE, furthering its commitment to providing regenerative medical aesthetics. She also aspires to create a non-profit to help women who suffer from physical manifestations of domestic violence.

With her unwavering dedication to empowering wellness and natural appearing aesthetics, Brandi Gregge continues to inspire and uplift her patients, creating a positive impact that extends beyond the boundaries of her medical aesthetic boutique, Mint & Needle.

BRANDI GREGGE’S 4 at-home skincare tips and products:

1. Hyaluronic acid for hydration. Hyaluronic acid helps hydrate the skin by attracting water to the skin, giving you a plump and hydrated appearance. One of my favorites is Mint & Needle’s HA hydrator.

2. Be sure to wear SPF daily! Even if you are just going outside briefly (and it is a gloomy day), your skin still needs sun protection anytime you set foot out of the door. The SPF I use is the hydrating UV tinted SPF (Mint & Needle)—this medical-grade moisturizer has both hyaluronic acid and SPF in one product, and it leaves the face with a hydrated “dewy” glow.

3. Use Retinol nightly! Retinol increases cell turnover which naturally slows down with age. Not only does this help with skin texture, tone, and pore size, it also helps with pigmentation.

4. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid complexes promote exfoliation of dead surface cells, which lessen as we age. Products with these ingredients enhance cellular renewal to refresh the skin surface. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid complexes penetrate deep into pores to regulate sebum production and inhibit acne bacterial growth from within. I use Mint & Needle’s Mini Peel Pads for both anti-aging and clear skin—on the daily!

Hair Stylist: Bobb’Eli Make-Up Studio.
Make up: Markie J Beauty.
Photography: Vikrant Photography. 
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Model: Brandi Gregge @theblondeclinician.
Brand: Mint & Needle

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