Amaya Belmonte: A Journey of Cultural Fusion, Modeling, and Entrepreneurship

Amaya Belmonte's life journey is a testament to the power of cultural diversity and the pursuit of passion.

Born in the United States, Amaya Belmonte’s early years were marked by a series of transformative relocations. When she was 2, her mother decided to move to Hungary. Budapest was her childhood home, which she held dear to her heart. Amaya described this move as “a courageous decision.” Her family’s cultural tapestry is a rich blend of Hungarian and Syrian heritage. “I’ve had the privilege of living in various neighborhoods, from the tranquil areas to the bustling city center, each offering a unique perspective. Many of my fondest memories were formed there, from my closest childhood friendships to the unforgettable moments of my first parties.”

The most important people in her life

Amaya loves her mother, “My upbringing was a testament to my incredible mother’s dedication and love, as she raised me as a single parent and remains my role model. My mother and I shared a passion for exploration. These experiences broadened my horizons, exposing me to diverse cultures and fostering a love for global perspectives.

The other woman having a significant influence in her life was her maternal grandmother. “During my formative years, my maternal grandmother played a significant role in shaping who I am today, providing me with valuable life lessons and cherished memories.”

A Serendipitous Start in Modeling

Amaya Belmonte’s modeling career took an unexpected turn at the age of 13 during a grand gala event organized by her mother in Hungary. A last-minute opportunity led her to step onto the runway of Dcouture Fashion House, her mother’s fashion brand. That moment ignited her passion for modeling. She recalled, “A model scheduled for the show couldn’t make it, and I happened to be backstage. One of the sweetest models, who is now a dear friend, suggested that I step in and wear the dress meant for the absent model. Thankfully, the dress was my size, and with some skillful makeup to make me appear older, I made my debut as a model.”

From that day forward, Amaya was captivated by the art of transformation, relishing the chance to embody different characters and explore new facets of herself. Amaya took proactive steps to pursue her modeling career. She reached out directly to designers and artists, showcasing her eagerness to collaborate. As her bookings and opportunities grew, so did her confidence. By 17, she was strategically selecting high-profile projects and working with renowned brands.

Memorable Collaborations

Amaya’s portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed brands, with Dolce & Gabbana holding a special place in her heart as her inaugural high-profile project. Her work with Versace Jeans and Lazurde also stand out, with the latter entailing a breathtaking 7-day shoot in the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam. “For Lazurde, it was a 7 day shooting in Vietnam in the beautiful Hanoi and between mountains with magical locations and nature life from the forest,” she recalls the memory with a smile.

Traits of Tenacity

Amaya’s success in the modeling world required the cultivation of specific character traits. She learned to insulate herself from external opinions, embracing her own unique identity. Overcoming her natural inclination towards introversion, she developed the courage to express herself authentically, even in brief casting interactions.

In the competitive world of modeling, Amaya discovered the importance of setting and defending personal boundaries. She understood that while collaboration was essential, there were situations where adherence to directorial instructions needed to be balanced with a sense of propriety and professionalism. “I had to work on not to let people’s opinion influence me. I had to learn to become more courages and open. I learned I had to be super active and attend as much as castings possible in order to become successful. Having a good connection worldwide took me to places I never even dreamt of.”

Career, Entrepreneurship and Relaxation

After completing her diploma, Amaya seamlessly transitioned into the corporate world, working on electronic recycling projects with a multinational company in Hungary.

Beyond her modeling career, Amaya is venturing into entrepreneurship with her own couture house. Specializing in evening and bridal wear, her brand promises exclusivity and beauty for women across the globe, with a presence in Egypt, the UAE, and Switzerland.

In her leisure time, Amaya finds solace in activities that allow her to unwind. Dancing, spending quality moments with her family, indulging in horseback riding, and engaging in PlayStation games are among her favorite pastimes.

Family always stands as the unwavering pillar of support

Amaya Belmonte’s journey is a tapestry woven with threads of cultural diversity, passion, and determination. And she is proud of her background, “Living in Egypt from the age of 13, I was immersed in a culture that places a strong emphasis on family values and tight-knit bonds. It was in this nurturing environment that I learned the importance of self-respect and the significance of maintaining strong family connections.”

Model: Amaya Belmonte @amayabelmonte.
Model agency: Diamond Model Agency United Arab Emirates.

Photography: Oleg Borisuk @olegborisuk.
Stylist: Kiss Márk @kissmark_official.
Makeup: NANA @nana_in_shanghai.
Photographer assistant: Szilvasi Csaba @sz_csaba.

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