Águeda López, “My journey has been filled with incredible memories”

Muse: Águeda López. Photo: Alberto Gonzalez. Custom dress, Lisu Vega. Swerve Barbell earrings, Lady Grey Jewelry.

Águeda López, a Spanish beauty born in Cordoba, leads a dynamic life navigating the fashion capitals of Miami and Spain. Commencing her modeling journey at 19, she graced global catwalks, from NYFW to Haute Couture in Paris. Not only is she the cherished wife of singer Luis Fonsi since 2014, but also the muse to renowned designers like Juana Martin and Dolce & Gabbana.

Mermaid tail, Bad Binch Tong Tong. Crystal cone bra, Christian Cowan. Crystal Earrings, Kimono Dragon Vintage.

With a rich career transitioning from presenting to full-time modeling, Águeda López stands as an acclaimed figure, celebrated for her sweet soul, enterprising spirit, and roles as a devoted mother and wife.

Full look, Mugler. Raia bangle, chain earrings and swirl ring, Lady Grey Jewelry.

Harper’s Bazaar VN (HBZVN): Your journey in the fashion industry began at a young age. What inspired you to pursue a career in modeling, and how has your experience evolved over the years?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: From the time I was a little girl, I was always inspired by the top models of the 90’s. Their fashion, their style, the glamour, the way they lit up the runway was something that I want to be a part of. My journey has been filled with incredible memories, people and moments that I’ll cherish forever.

Full look, Mugler. Raia bangle, chain earrings and swirl ring, Lady Grey Jewelry.

HBZVN: You’ve graced renowned catwalks like NYFW and Haute Couture in Paris. Can you share a memorable moment or experience that stands out in your mind from your time on these prestigious runways?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: One moment that definitely stands out was having my kids there with me during Paris Haute Couture. Seeing my daughter’s eyes light up and feeling my little boy’s embrace after the show, made everything make sense. It’s an image I’ll never forget.

Dress, shoes, and jewelry, Versace.

HBZVN: Having worked with acclaimed designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Julien McDonald, how do you approach collaborations and what role does fashion play in your life?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: I love working with designers I look up to and admire. Fashion has always been at the center of my life, so I hope I can keep working and surrounding myself with such icons.

Dress, shoes, and jewelry, Versace.

HBZVN: You’ve been the muse for designers like Juana Martin and Giannina Azar. What qualities do you believe make a successful collaboration between a model and a designer?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: Juana and Giannina are two incredibly talented and fierce women. I admire them because they’re hard working and put so much heart into their work. I’m so honored to call them friends and I think that plays into our professional relationship. The fact that we have a very similar concept of fashion, that’s there’s so much trust, makes everything so easy.

Dress, shoes, and jewelry, Versace.

HBZVN: Your overwhelming charm captured not just the attention of the public but also that of Luis Fonsi. Can you share the story of how you two first met? What drew you to each other, and how has your relationship evolved over the years?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: We met at a photo shoot 14 years ago. A mutual friend at the time introduced us and we became friends. Luis Fonsi and I started to get to know each other and realized we had a million things in common, same life philosophy, same pet peeves, same silly humor, so  it was meant to be. Now we have two beautiful kids who are at the center of our lives and inspire us everyday to be the best version of ourselves.

Blue twist dress, Quine Li. Mazzy earrings, whirl ring, and Gemini ring, Lady Grey Jewelry.

HBZVN: How do you balance the private and public aspects of your life, particularly with a figure as well-known as Luis Fonsi?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: We live life to the fullest, protecting our privacy as much as we can but at the same time, trying to just live a very healthy, family oriented, normal life.

Blue twist dress, Quine Li. Mazzy earrings, whirl ring, and Gemini ring, Lady Grey Jewelry.

HBZVN: Being a proud mother and wife, how do you and Luis Fonsi create a nurturing family environment amidst your busy schedules? Can you tell us about some of your favorite family traditions or moments?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: It’s a balancing act. Knowing when to put family first or in some instances work first. We block out dates throughout the year to be with the kids and those days are sacred.

Some of our favorite traditions are spending summers in Madrid so the kids can spend time with my Mom. My husband is usually touring in Europe during that time, so we get to join him and see him on stage. Christmas time is probably our favorite time to create memories together. My kids’ birthdays also fall around that time, so it’s just a big celebration.

Dress, shoes, and jewelry, Versace.

HBZVN: As a mother and wife, how do you instill a sense of balance and normalcy in your family life despite the demands of a high-profile career?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: There’s no perfect way to go about this. I think it’s all about communication, organization and patience.

Draped crystal bra & short diamond skirt, Edgar Navarro.

HBZVN: Transitioning from a career as a presenter to a full-time model is quite a shift. What prompted this change, and how has it influenced your perspective on your professional journey?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: I studied journalism but I always knew that my passion was the fashion industry. I try not to over analyze the journey. I get involved in projects that connect with me, give it my best and enjoy the ride.

Crystal mesh dress, Bronx & Banco.

HBZVN: In addition to your successful modeling career, you’re also known for your sweet and kind soul. How do you stay grounded in an industry that can often be intense and competitive?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: Thank you for that!

I don’t let anything or anyone change my essence or my beliefs. I’m loyal to myself regardless of what going on around me. I’m happy, I’m grateful, life is beautiful so I have lots to smile about.

Full look, Dolce & Gabbana.

HBZVN: How does your spiritual belief or philosophy contribute to your approach to life, both personally and professionally?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: I started to study Kabbalah more than 10 years ago. Spiritually is everything for me. It’s that place where I always go to, to recharge, to understand everything. Also It helps me slow down and re group when life starts to get a bit turbulent.

Full look, Dolce & Gabbana.

HBZVN: How would you describe your fashion philosophy, and do you have any fashion or beauty rituals that make you feel confident and inspired?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: I follow trends but I’m always loyal to a classic style. Im all about balance. I love to wear fancy dresses with high heels but also enjoy my comfy jeans and favorite sneakers. It’s all about attitude!

As far as beauty rituals, I drink tons of water, always keep my skin hydrated and work out an hour a day. That makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself.

Embellished gown, Georges Hobekia Couture. Jewelry, Oscar De La Renta.

HBZVN: Looking ahead, what are some goals or aspirations you have for your career, and how do you envision the next chapter of your journey in the fashion world?

ÁGUEDA LÓPEZ: I hope to keep working in this industry that I love so much. I also hope to one day do a collaboration with a fashion designer and wish to inspire young girls to follow their dreams.

Custom dress, Lisu Vega. Swerve Barbell earrings, Lady Grey Jewelry.

Photographer & Creative Director: Alberto Gonzalez @ag0nzphoto.
Model: Agueda Lopez @aguedalopez21.
Makeup Artist: Lio Maldonado @lio_maldonado.
Hair Stylist: Javier Martinez @blumindinc.
Wardrobe Stylist: Charlie Rincon @charlierincs.
Stylist Assistant: Omar Afaghani @omaraafa and Catalina Cappella @catacappella.
Photographer’s Assistant: Daniela Martin @shesdaniela.
Retoucher: Tatiana Mosina @tm_retouching.
Videographer: Abraham Hernandez @_abrahamhernandez_.
Location: Vault Place @vault_place.
Producer & PR: Alberto Gonzalez #agonzphoto.

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