5 Viral TikTok Moments That Cemented Rena as the Fashion Influencer Blueprint

“Every outfit, every audio, every backdrop, it’s all a part of the story I want to tell. It isn’t just about clothes. It’s about the vibe they create all together.” Rena, the Parsons School of Design graduate, is rapidly becoming the talk of TikTok.

TikTok Moments | Rena | Fashion Influencer 1

Rena’s journey from a student at Parsons, a school known for its notable alumni in the fashion world, to a social media manager at ‘With Jéan’ during their NYC pop-up, and now to a TikTok sensation nearing 100k followers, is nothing short of inspiring. Her videos, which often garner views in the hundreds of thousands, have been critically acclaimed for their unique blend of style and storytelling.

Rena stands out in the bustling streets of New York City, where fashion is as much a language as it is an art. Not just for her impeccable style but for the narrative she weaves with every video—a narrative of aspiration, inspiration, and pure aesthetic pleasure.

Below are some of her popular videos on TikTok.

A Glimpse into the Glam

Rena’s LA aesthetic video, is a visual treat. It’s not just about the outfits. It’s about capturing the essence of LA, a city of dreams, glamour, and endless possibilities.

@usedtoloveitmorerecently♬ Originalton – rapvidio

From Dawn to Dusk

This video is an outfit inspiration. Every outfit tells a story, and Rena’s ‘fit checks’ range from chic morning ice tea runs to glamorous evening soirées.

@usedtoloveitmorefit check♬ gunna x ms lauryn hill – grantlapointe

For the Girls Who Love Fashion

This video is a tribute to all fashion-loving souls out there. Rena’s montage is a testament to the power of fashion to express, impress, and inspire.

@usedtoloveitmore 💌 #outfitinspo #fashion ♬ Niagara Falls – beabadoobeelover6969

Another Day, Another LA Aesthetic

Rena’s love for LA is evident. With its sun-kissed shots and breezy outfits, this video is a love letter to the city and its vibrant fashion scene.

@usedtoloveitmoreweek in LA♬ original sound – Bradan

Miami Vibes – Sun, Sand, and Style

From the sunlit beaches to the bustling nightlife, Rena captures the essence of Miami in this aesthetic video. It’s a journey of color, style, and rhythm.

@usedtoloveitmoreMiami 🤍♬ I KNOW ? – Travis Scott

However, the world of TikTok fashion has its critics. Some argue that the platform’s fleeting trends can overshadow genuine talent. “Today’s trend is tomorrow’s memory,” comments a fashion critic. Yet, Rena’s consistent growth and engagement suggest a deeper connection with her audience, one that transcends fleeting trends.

“Fashion is ever-evolving, and so am I. Every video, every outfit, is a chapter of my journey,” Rena reflects. With her videos consistently garnering critical acclaim and massive engagement, she’s not just a fashion influencer; she’s setting the blueprint for others to follow.

As her story unfolds, the world watches, likes, and follows.

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