How Music Star Leia Contois Has Become a Household Name in International Fashion: An Inside Look.

In these stunning photos captured by photographer Vika, Leia Contois elegantly dons several dresses designed by the Vietnamese designer Do Long.

Music Star Leia Contois | A Name in International Fashion 1

Leia Contois shot by StillVika, styled by Elizabeth Margulis. Dress, Do Long. Accessories, Alexis Bittar.

Leia Contois is not just a name; it’s a brand synonymous with the effortless fusion of high fashion and pulsating electronic music. A trailblazer in every sense, Leia has mastered the art of captivating audiences, not just through her hypnotic beats but also through her dynamic fashion choices. A high fashion model, professional DJ, and a globally recognized influencer, Leia’s career is a testament to her undying passion for creativity and personal expression.

Leia’s approach to her stage and photo shoot outfits is meticulous and thoughtful, where every element from hair to shoes is harmonized to create a compelling visual narrative. Collaborating closely with designer Jacob from the celebrated fashion house For The Stars, Leia ensures her performance outfits are nothing short of spectacular. “My look is very important to me. I like to pay attention to all the details,” Leia shares. Her partnership with designers like Andre Emery and stylist Elizabeth Margulis is a testament to her commitment to authenticity and creativity, allowing her to project her unique self with every outfit and inspiring her fans and followers to be their most authentic selves.

Dress, Do Long. Ring and earrings, Alexis Bittar.

Having graced the cover of international publications like Marie Claire and Glamour, Leia navigates the worlds of high fashion and electronic music with a distinct flair. “Style and fashion are something you can really have fun with,” Leia explains, highlighting her ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into her personal style. Her Gemini spirit shines through as she plays with different styles, ensuring she stands out in both the fashion and music industries. Leia views fashion as an art form, an unspoken language through which she expresses her strength, confidence, and creativity.

Off-stage, Leia’s fashion choices continue to speak volumes. Depending on her mood, her style oscillates between sexy and androgynous, always underpinned by a strong sense of self-confidence. “Having confidence and knowing who you are inside is most important,” she asserts. Through her fashion sense, Leia communicates not just personal style but also empowerment and creativity, making every appearance a statement.

Music Star Leia Contois | A Name in International Fashion 2

Dress, Do Long. Accessories, Alexis Bittar. Shoes, Billini.

Leia’s passion for bespoke fashion pieces involves a collaborative process with designers that’s built on mutual respect and open communication. “It’s really important to me that the designer doesn’t lose sight of my vision,” Leia states. This partnership thrives on fun and appreciation for the creative process, ensuring that each piece not only meets her aesthetic standards but also embodies her musical ethos.

Dress, Gert-Johan Coetzee. Accessories, Alexis Bittar. Heels, Jimmy Choo.

Leia’s connection to Vietnam runs deep, rooted in her experiences visiting the country for modeling jobs. “It is such a beautiful place. The culture, the people—I just fell in love with it,” she reminisces. Though her visits have been brief and work-centered, Leia is eager to return and explore more deeply, highlighting Vietnam’s beauty, history, and vibrant cities.

Looking ahead, Leia is excited about the resurgence of 80s and 90s fashion trends, a period she describes as a “fun time in fashion.” Critical of the trend-setting pace of platforms like TikTok, she advocates for more originality in fashion. While she has enjoyed bolder styles in the past, Leia is transitioning to a more toned-down, functional aesthetic, reflecting her evolution both as an artist and a fashion icon.

Music Star Leia Contois | A Name in International Fashion 3

Dress, Do Long. Accessories, Alexis Bittar.

To her fans in Asia and around the globe, Leia sends a heartfelt message: “I love you guys. Asia will always have a special place in my heart. I can’t wait to come and DJ and play my shows there this summer.”

Leia Contois continues to dazzle the world, blending beats and threads in a career that’s as vibrant as it is inspiring. With each performance and fashion choice, she not only sets trends but also helps chart the course for future generations of artists and fashionistas alike.

Talent: Leia Contois @leiacontois.
Photographer: StillVika @stillvika.
Stylist: Elizabeth Margulis @bighairbigcity.
Hair: Dustin Baker @thedustinbaker.
MUA: Arianna Blean @ariannachayleneblean.
Styling Assistant: Malia Rusher @maliarusher.
Retouch: Karina Kerry.
Agency: The Eclectic Agency @theeclecticagency.

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