Emma Norton – the Queen of Halloween

Emma Norton dressed up for Halloween. Photograph: Reinhardt Kenneth. Dress, Mitiliane Couture. Necklace, Maabae. Earrings, Adiba. Gloves, Eukono. Hand harness, Chained by Sedona.

The ARTCODED-produced exclusive fashion story for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam featuring content creator and influencer Emma Norton, with the creative collaboration of Reinhardt Kenneth, Gina Kim Park, and Director of Photography Hugo Arvizu, showcases an eerie, dark, and beautiful world just in time for Halloween. The photoshoot took place at Park’s famous residence, known as the “Insidious” house, where the movie of the same name was shot.

Top, Gulnoza Dilnoza. Dress, Rybolt. Earrings, Frou York. Ring, Anna Zuckerman. Headpieces, Sara Rose.

This editorial draw inspiration from iconic scenes from both classic and contemporary horror movies. It pays homage to films like The Shining, Exorcist, Jennifer’s Body, Nosferatu, Poltergeist, Pan’s Labyrinth, Psycho, Bride of Frankenstein, IT, Child’s Play, The Conjuring, Annabelle, Midsommar, Crimson Peak, Carrie, Hereditary, Evil Dead Rising, and more.

Dress, Do Long. Cape, Weisheng Paris. Earrings, Pavé The Way. Hand harness, Chained by Sedona. Heels, Ingliz.

These cinematic references are transformed into intricate and artistic sets and incorporated into the realm of high fashion. Emma Norton, known as the Queen of Halloween, perfectly embodies the essence of a frightening yet elegant, fashionable, and dramatic muse in this editorial. Her presence adds an eerie and captivating dimension to the fashion story.

Bodysuit, Jonathan Guzman. Dress, Diana Couture. Sea shell ring, Atra Nova By Sheila B. Flower eye earrings, Naimah. Big stone rings, Tova. Snake ring, Azza Fahmy. Headpiece, Sara Rose.

Reinhardt Kenneth believes that this editorial underscore the enduring connection between fashion and cinema. It serves as a tribute to the iconic scenes in the rich history of the horror genre, showing how these art forms continue to be intricately intertwined.

Body armor, Jonathan Guzman. Dress, Do Long. Earrings & headband, Frou York. Gloves, Asta Razma. Boots, United Nude.

Bodysuit & cape, Raffiey Nasir. Boots, United Nude. Hats, Sara Rose. Earrings, UBS Gold.

Catsuit, Sarah Regensburger. Bra, Victor Puglielli. Skirt, Atelier Ndigo. Bodychain, Chained by Sedona. Waist piece, Diana Couture. Earrings, Frou York. Boots, United Nude.

An ARTCODED @art.coded production to celebrate Halloween.
Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth @reinhardtkenneth.
Muse: Emma Norton @emmanorts.
Producer: Gina Kim Park @ginakpark.
Director of Photography: Hugo Arvizu @arvizu_arts.
Floral Design: The Mille Fiori @themillefiori.
1st Assistant Director: Maxine Rödiger @maxine.ro.
Fashion Stylist: Michelle Wu @michellewustyle.
Hair Stylist: Jael Serrano @serranostudiosla.
Make Up Artist: Carisa Arellano @carisadoesitall.
Production Designer: Andrea Figueroa @andreafigueroachavez_.
Production Design Assistant: Fernando Broce @fernandobroce.
Photographer’s Assistant: Suimay Lee @suimaylee.
1st Camera Assistant: Alejandro Fernandez @janofdzv.
Gaffer: Rodrigo Quezada @rodrigo.quezada1276.
Best Boy Electric: Rafael Llamas @rafa2w.
Key Grip: Anthony Zambrano @anthonyrzv.
BTS videographer: Jared Espino @jaredsillo.ph.
Music Composer: Walter Thoma @walterthoma_sound

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam