Atlanta Swim Week takes center stage in Georgia’s fashion scene

Maddie Gray, CEO and founder of Atlanta Swim Week shares insights into how the event is organized and what attendees can expect in Atlanta.

Atlanta Swim Week | Maddie Gray | Harper's Bazaar Vietnam

Maddie Gray, CEO and founder of Atlanta Swim Week.

Atlanta, Georgia is set to make a splash in the fashion world with the inaugural Atlanta Swim Week (ATLSW). It is the first and only fashion show in Georgia dedicated to swimwear. It will showcase never-before-seen swimwear and beachwear designs from talented designers around the world.

HBZVN: Dear Maddie Gray, can you tell us what sets Atlanta Swim Week apart from other fashion events?

MADDIE GRAY: ATLSW is the first of its kind and the only swimwear based fashion show in Georgia. These runway shows will focus on never before seen swimwear and beachwear, with extraordinary designers from all over the world. Our venue, sponsors, and partners are unmatched. Our prestigious decorator provides services on high profile events for notable individuals and companies including Google, Chanel, Cartier, Prince William and Kate, Gucci, and Tiffany&Co.

HBZVN: How do you envision Atlanta Swim Week contributing to the fashion industry and influencing swim wear trends?

MADDIE GRAY: These runway shows have their own unique take on never before seen designs, and will be one of the most watched shows in the nation. This is more than runway; it is a complete event, after party, and elevated experience for everyone involved. Beyond fashion, we will ensure all guests receive a premier experience.

HBZVN: Can you provide insights into the process of organizing Atlanta Swim Week, including how designers and models are selected to showcase their collections?

MADDIE GRAY: Designers are carefully selected to create a completely one of a kind show. Each designer has something different to offer. Our venue holds 1500 guests and is expected to sell out quickly. Models are flying in from all over the world to showcase these new designs. We are able to seamlessly flip the show into a high end networking event combining music and talent for a party you won’t want to miss.

HBZVN: Which designers and brands are confirmed to showcase their swimwear collections at Atlanta Swim Week this year?

MADDIE GRAY: We have designers from all over the nation coming to Atlanta to show off their new work. We will be announcing everyone soon! Follow @atlswimweek for updates.

HBZVN: Could you share details about the selection criteria for models who will be gracing the runway during the event?

MADDIE GRAY: ATLSW has landed the most sought after models in the industry. Using connections from a long history in fashion, we will bring you talent from all over the world.

HBZVN: Can attendees expect any celebrity sightings or special guest appearances at Atlanta Swim Week, and if so, could you provide any hints or announcements?

MADDIE GRAY: We are excited to surprise you with many elite guests that have not yet been announced. The event will be a reveal unlike any other.

HBZVN: In addition to the runway shows, what other activities or networking opportunities can guests anticipate at Atlanta Swim Week, and how does the event cater to fashion influencers and industry professionals?

MADDIE GRAY: ATLSW begins on Friday May 3rd with a high end kick off event at Kyma, Atlanta’s luxurious Greek restaurant. Saturday, May 4th, the shows will take place in the evening at Westside Cultural Arts Center. We then bring you an after party by Clique Cabana, who showcases the best talent through their music label and electrifying events. Beyond fashion, Clique Cabana is a vibrant community where style harmonizes with the soulful sounds of house music and techno, creating a unique and immersive experience for enthusiasts and talent alike. The final event will be Sunday, May 5, at Bar Ti Amo. The exquisite cuisine here and carefully crafted cocktails will close out our weekend beautifully.

HBZVN: What can attendees anticipate from the overall experience of Atlanta Swim Week?

MADDIE GRAY: The shows include extraordinary designers and models from all over the world. This is a great opportunity for fashion designers to showcase their latest swimwear collection on some of the most iconic models, and for influencers to discover the latest swimwear trends.

Our high end event is also a great place for networking and meeting powerful and influential people who share your passion for fashion. Join us for a spectacular show on May 3-5, 2024 in Atlanta, GA, by grabbing your tickets on

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