Amer Mohamad’s “Spark in the Dark”

Born in Syria, photographer Amer Mohamad has a talent for brightly exaggerated beauty, expensive fabrics, and impressive accessories.

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 1

At first look, Spark in the Dark is a mysterious fashion story. Before diving into the story, brands, and accessories, getting to know the photographer’s personal story behind the scenes is a must.

Amer Mohamad has lived in Moscow for several years and has photographed for Russian and international fashion magazines. At the end of February 2022, the war in Ukraine started. Russia’s invasion of the territory of another state led to a chain of events that dramatically changed the Russian fashion industry. International fashion magazines and many fashion brands left the market. In the spring of 2022, Amer relocated to Dubai to continue shooting. And here, his talent for brightly exaggerated beauty, expensive fabrics, and impressive accessories was truly revealed.

Amer stylizes many of his shoots by himself and also acts as a producer. Finding talented professionals for the team is also his strength.

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 2

Dress, Designer 24. Head piece, Bbloomed.

“This is my second shoot for Bazaar Vietnam since I moved to Dubai. There is a very competitive environment here, there are many excellent specialists in the fashion industry. And I try to be in good shape: to work with those who inspire me, with the best ones,” says the photographer.

Full look, Amato Couture.

The shots trace the photographer’s inspiration by the luxury and splendor of the Oriental world, and the lunar mysteries of the Arabian Nights. Amer explains the idea: “I have been living in the UAE for some time now and immersing myself into the local fashion life, studying the cultural subtleties of the region. I liked GCC couture designers and wanted to work with their clothes, to create such a visual concentration of Arabian beauty. I am happy that this shoot features clothes from the famous brand Amato, founded by a Filipino designer, chic dresses from local brands Honayda, Marmar Halim, and Mrs. Keepa, and the brand of extravagant corsets Amplituda.”

Full looks, Mrs.Keepa.

Stylist Jeff Oun chose about 30 dresses for this shoot. He and the photographer faced a difficult choice:- How to pick and choose the final shots!

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 3

Full look, ESPOSA.

Amato dresses and accessories surprise with excessive details and refined forms. Furne One, the brand designer, is originally from the Philippines, but he settled in Dubai long ago. His clothes are known all over the world. Beyoncé, J.Lo, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Shakira, among other celebrities, have shone in his extravagant outfits. Eclectic styles and textures, oriental redundancy enclosed in perfect lines make his outfits pieces of art. Amato clothing and accessories are always about going beyond the conventional, bold experiments for brave ladies who love being at the center of attention.

Dress, Marmar Halim. Headpiece, Amato Couture.

Admiration for female beauty, plasticity, and the uniqueness of each heroine is presented in each and every photo. Dark skin turns to silk and then to velvet entering into a tactile dialogue with the fabrics of dresses.

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 4

Gold corset, AMPLITUDA.

It is worth mentioning the work of Manuel Losada Gomez the makeup artist. He enhanced the mysteriousness of the models in an unusual way: bleached the eyebrows and made a star-scattering brow art.

Dress, Marmar Halim. Headpiece, Amato Couture.

Refinement and redundancy are two keywords for this shoot. The chic white Honayda outfit by Saudi designer Honayda Serafi seems to give wings to its owner – so she can be transported from one oriental fairy tale to another just by waving her airy cape sleeve. Dresses by French Egyptian designer Mariam Yeya and her husband Bassel Komaty – brand Mrs.Keepa – provoked by a combination of minimalistic forms and too bright textures, too open body parts. The Amplituda gold corset with an eccentrical neckline leaves no doubt who the queen is here. And the fabrics of Esposa evening dresses resemble the starry sky, in which the graceful enchantress of the night is wrapped.

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 5

Dress, Hondaya.

In Amer’s fashion shootings, the model’s individuality is always the main focus, no matter how bright the outfits she wears. “I wanted my heroines to feel sexy and attractive in front of the camera. They feel comfortable being themselves so that they feel they are in control of the shooting”, Amer Mohamad describes the shooting process. “Be yourself beautiful and you will find the world full of beauty,” says one Arabic proverb.

Full looks, Amato Couture.

Amer Mohamad's "Spark in the Dark" 6

Full look, ESPOSA.

Photographer: Amer Mohamad @shootmeamer
Makeup & Hair: Manuel Losada Gomez
Stylist: Jeff Aoun @jeff.aoun
Models: Kristine Angeshi @kristine_angeshi
Swahili Queen @mitchelledaka
Nyajuok @nyajuok.q
Lighting assistant: Yasir Ali @yasir_ali_shah

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