“Upper East Side” with model Brana Dane, shot by photographer Nestor Correa and styled by Dace Aleksandravica,

Brana Dane has a singular look of Danish and Turkish heritage and is currently based in New York City. She has walked for several designers.

Nestor Correa’s “Upper East Side” features model Brana Dane.

Among them are Dennis Basso, Stello, and Stella Nolasco. She opened the show at NYFW for Pelush. Additionally, Brana was featured in a hardcover book by photographer Carlota Guerrero, published in 2021 by Prestel. She has also been featured on the covers of several prestige magazines.

Suit: Ventura. Blouse: Son-ya. Ring: DF Artelier. Shoes: Molly. Nails: Lynn Nails.

Blouse: Tia Dorraine. Pants: Ventura. Ring: DF Artelier. Nails: Lynn Nails.

Blouse: Monzlapur. Skirt: Margot VII. Sunglasses: Sha’duction Eyewear. Earrings: DF Artelier. Nails: Lynn Nails.

Dress: Son-ya. Jacket: Lullastudio. Shoes: Asmau Ardo. Nails: Lynn Nails.

Jacket: Sohana Design. Blouse: Elena Rudenko. Pants: Perle Rare. Shoes: Asmau Ardo. Nails: Lynn Nails

Dress: Daniel Silverstain. Blouse: Rora Clothing. Nails: Lynn Nails.


Photographer: Nestor Correa @nestorvisions
Model: Brana Dane @branadane
Stylist: Dace Aleksandravica @dace.aleksandravica
Makeup & Hair: Natalia Morales @beautybynatym
Nail tech: @hiddenscorpio

SOHANA DESIGNS @sohanadesigns
ELENA RUDENKO @elenarudenko_official
PERLE RARE @perlerareconcept
ASMAU ARDO @asmauardo_treschicshoes
DANIEL SILVERSTAIN @danielsilverstain
RORA CLOTHING @roraclothing
SON-YA @sonya.workshop
LULLASTUDIO @lullastudio
VENTURA @joseventuravbcg
DF ARTELIER @dfartelier
MOLLY @brandedbymolly
MONZLAPUR @monzlapur.ny
MARGOT VII @margotvii.paris

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