Sunset on Laguna Beach, a photostory by Scott Brooklyn

Laguna Beach in Souther California set the stage for this fashionable summer evening outing

“It was a great summer evening in Laguna beach. The tide was high as we walked past thousand steps”, photographer Scott Brooklyn recalled.

The model was, Joao, a good friend of Scott based in LA. He was styled and glammed up by Joel, who Scott called “a Swiss army knife.” A stylist, hair and make-up artist all rolled into one. This was the only second shooting that they had worked on together, but Scott was impressed with how resourceful Joel was.

The final touches were completed by Bong (Binh Nguyen), a Retoucher based in LA. “He’s done an exceptional job on this story”, Scott commented. “I’m so grateful for the entire team to make this happen.”

**Team Credits**

Photo: Scott @thebrooklynstudios
Model: Joao @arboleda.joao
Styling: Joel Sebastian @joelstylst
Retoucher: Bong (Binh Nguyen)
Hair and makeup: @joelstylst
Location: Laguna Beach

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