Phenotypic Plasticity: A Photoshoot with Tina Ma

A modern interpretation of an age old Asian craft, through the lenses of New York-based Singaporean designer

Tina Ma is a Singaporean designer. Though young, she has enlisted in various prestigious awards, of which notable achievements include CFDA Design Scholar Award Finalist 2020 and Harper’s Bazaar New Gen Award Semi-Finalist 2021. A recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, she is pursuing her dreams of fashion in New York, where she is now based full time.

Founded on experimental apparel and accessory design, Tina Ma reimagines the methodologies of tailoring and craftsmanship in the context of modern technology. Tina Ma blurs the line between streetwear and eveningwear by evoking provocative and rebellious statement silhouettes, all the while preserving the refined and delicate.

For her latest collection, the young designer look to her Asian roots for inspiration. Tina Ma’s Phenotypic Plasticity collection draws ideas from the traditional Chinese paper craft, specifically her great-great grandmother’s paper cuttings. The young designer combined the symbol of her cultural inheritance with modern technology, such as 3D virtual design, digital printing, and laser cutting, to reflect the relationship between nature and nurture.


Julia Mandirola @julesmandirola
Tiarra Pearson @tiarrapearson
Euro May @euro.may
Alexandre Bagot @alexandre.bagot

Fashion: Tina Ma @tinamastudio

Photography: Todd Shaffer @toddwshaffer

Makeup: Emma Ando @emmakeup1102

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam