Onitsuka Tiger: Life is not perfect but your sandals can be

Stride into the future with energy and purpose in the newest sandals from Onitsuka Tiger Spring Summer 2022 collection

MLee –  Sandal: Onitsuka Tiger – DENTIGRE STRAP; Knitted shirt & socks: Onitsuka Tiger; Dress: Le Thanh Hoa. Tran Tuan Duong – Sandal: Onitsuka Tiger – DENTIGRE STRAP; T-shirt & socks: Onitsuka Tiger; Leather pants and jacket: Le Thanh Hoa

It was only 8AM but Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam’s studio was already awash in laughter and chatter. MLee, Tran Tuan Duong and the photo crew were in high energy mode for the shooting with Onitsuka Tiger. Bright music played in the background. The two young models danced and posed to the beat. On their feet were the latest sandals from the Japanese brand.

“How do the sandals feel?”, I asked. “They’re great”, MLee replied. The dancer, singer and rapper added that she had worn Onitsuka Tiger’s shoes multiple times for live shows. “I have a pair with chunky heels from one of the first collections to land in Vietnam. The stacked sole looks cool but super light, so comfortable to perform live with”.

Meanwhile, Tran Tuan Duong confessed that he hardly wore sandals. “I only wear sandals at the beach”, he said. The male model loved to switch things up for his everyday looks, but he always picked sneakers. Upon wearing the DENTIGRE STRAP, he was surprised at how easy on the feet the sandals felt.


MLee: Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger – MEXICO 66 SABOT; Dress: Le Thanh Hoa; Tran Tuan Duong: Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger – MEXICO 66 SABOT; Jacket: Onitsuka Tiger; Leather pants: Le Thanh Hoa. 

Usually, sandals are perceived as casual wear. People tend to use sandals only when going swimming, relaxing at the beach, lounging at home, or maybe as a quick footwear for walking out to the nearby convenience store. However, with the latest sandal designs, Onitsuka Tiger wants to redefine sandals and present them in a new fashionable light.

Track jacket, shorts, tote bag, socks, REBILAC SANDAL. All from Onitsuka Tiger.

To change the perceptions that sandals are unsuitable for long distance walking, Onitsuka Tiger designed all their sandals with appropriate arch and ankle support. Take for instance, the REILAC SANDAL. A modified version of the REBILAC RUNNER style, this hybrid sandal uses FuzeGEL™ midsole to provide shock absorption. The closed toe design protect the feet while walking, yet cool enough thanks to the open mesh material. Worn with long pants or jeans that cover the heel, the closed toe mimics the look of a sneaker, making this a great sneaker alternative during hot summer days.

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger – MEXICO 66 SABOT; Dress: Le Thanh Hoa

To prove that sandals can be worn outside of casual or sporty wear, Onitsuka Tiger released more versatile designs, such as the MEXICO 66 SABOT. The clog style sandal has a mesh upper that is not only breathable, but also look casually chic. This unisex sandal can be worn with dresses to create a romantic look. Or, switch it up with jeans and a summer sport coat for a preppy look.

MLee: Knit bra top, knit skirt, knit cardigan, socks, DENTIGRE STRAP sandals. Tran Tuan Duong: Knit cardigan, hat, pants, socks, DENTIGRE STRAP sandals. All from Onitsuka Tiger.

For those who like chunky heel, the DENTIGRE STRAP combines the best of both worlds. The signature DENTIGRE rugged tool outer sole is fused with simple hook-and-loop straps. FLYTEFOAM® Propel foam provides supreme bounce and protects the feet while walking. The DENTIGRE STRAP adds a dash of cool to any outfit. Try wearing this rugged sandal with a maxi dress or linen summer suit for an edgy summer style.

Knit dress, hat, socks, OHBORI STRAP sandals, all from Onitsuka Tiger

Sandals and trendy fashion can also go hand in hand, thanks to the logomania trend. And the OHBORI STRAP with Onitsuka Tiger brand tag and bright colors is the perfect candidate for those looking for this style of sandal. You can also wear socks matching in colors with the brand tag design to create a matchy matchy color block look. The OHBORI STRAP sandal can come on or off quick thanks to its simple hook-and-look closures. This would be a convenient and fashionable choice for your summer outfit.

Knit shirt, nylon skirt, hat, socks, DENTIGRE STRAP sandal. All from Onitsuka Tiger.

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. And your health is too precious to waste on ill fitting shoes. That is why you need the new sandal collection from Onitsuka Tiger. Combining technology that protect your feet with great looking designs, these sandals are amazing for summer. Because though life is not perfect, your sandals can be.

MLee –  Sandal: Onitsuka Tiger – DENTIGRE STRAP; Knitted shirt & socks: Onitsuka Tiger; Dress: Le Thanh Hoa. Tran Tuan Duong – Sandal: Onitsuka Tiger – DENTIGRE STRAP; T-shirt & socks: Onitsuka Tiger; Leather pants & jacket: Le Thanh Hoa

**The Team**

Creative Director: Quynh Anh
Photographer: Nguyen Du
Model: MLee & Tran Tuan Duong
Producer: Duyen Nguyen
Stylist: Do Dang Khoa
Makeup & Hair: Cootam & Teelai 

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