Zihan Weng: The perfect goddess

Zihan Weng is a perfect goddess. It's also the title she won at 2019 Miss Asia. What's more, Zihan is a fashion influencer, a musician with a strong sense of personal style. Keeping her forward motion, the Taiwanese model also started a sunglasses brand, Zihan Eyewear. Ever versatile, she pursued her passion for floral arrangements and became licensed as a florist last year.

Zihan Weng on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam Feb 2022. Gown, LinLi Boutique @linli_boutique. Earrings, BALENCIAGA.

Zihan Weng is a multi-talented artist. The Taiwanese model was first exposed in the fashion world at the age of 18. Having a strong sense of personal style and possessing natural reflexes thanks to loving sport, Zihan quickly grew comfortable being in front of the camera. The model and fashionista became an influencer on social media with more than a million followers on Instagram.

Zihan Weng was a candidate for the 2019 Miss Asia. With a body of perfection and a dazzling personality, she won the Perfect Goddess award. For a young lady coming into her first international competition, the award was a great honor. “Honestly, I was not used to it because I have to be careful in everything I do. However, I think it is good if I look it in a different perspective. I behave more properly and make myself better.”

Nonetheless, she always has a soft spot for sports. In 2020, she became the face of a golf challenge: 100-days to break through 100-par.

Beyond fashion and sport, Zihan Weng continues to conquer the business world. Just last year, the beautiful Taiwanese model established her sunglasses brand, Zihan Eyewear.

Gown/Top, UUIN @uuin_official. Pant, UUIN @uuin_official. Boots, Charles & Keith @charleskeithofficial. Earrings, BOTTEGA VENETA

Zihan Weng, the multi-talented model/entrepreneur

To Zihan Weng, life is about cultivating new knowledge. She confides, “Normally I start my day with reading a book and sometimes go out to explore, to be inspired and motivate myself with fresh ideas and new experience”. On that note, she just added Rich Dad Poor Dad to her list of favorites.

In her spare time, Zihan loves practicing piano. On top of that, she is also taking dance classes and learning English. In business, Zihan humbly admits she still has lots to learn. The 1995 born model poured her heart into the first collection of Zihan Eyewear. “I was involved with all the details from designing, packaging, and marketing campaign”. For packaging, she reveals it looks just like a small piece of luggage. Which Zihan hopes everyone will enjoy, just the way she does.

To help kick off her brand, the perfect goddess also produced a commemorative theme rap song called Dizzy. “The reason for its birth represents the role of my career as an entrepreneur,” she laughs.

Cropped Corset Jacket, RAY CHU @raychustudios. Pant, Shen Yao @shen_yao. Earrings, Chanel

Cropped Corset Jacket, RAY CHU @raychustudios. Pant, Shen Yao @shen_yao. Earrings, Chanel

Positivity comes from self-growth

Zihan Weng is always full of positive energy. She makes sure everyone around her feels this positivity.

What is Zihan Weng’s secret to keeping her social media presence with more than 1 million followers?  “I love to share my life with my fans, especially something related to beauty. The most important thing is to entertain my fans to make their day brighter”, she says.

Bodysuit, BOB Jian @bobjian. Earrings, Chanel

Wide-Shoulder Tuxedo Jacket, DAMOWANG @damowang_official. Shirt and Skirt, PRONOUNCE @_pronounce. Boots, Coach. Earrings, Chanel. Sunglass, Zihan Eyewear @zihan.eyewear

Though her life is filled with projects, Zihan also just become licensed… as a florist. “I think when people see beautiful flowers, they do feel happy and joyful. As to me, I love doing flowers arrangement which is like my meditation.” To open a flower shop is one of Zihan’s plans for the future to send more positivity out into the world.

For the new year, Zihan hopes she can keep trying new things and overcome all of her constraints. The Taiwanese model reveals she would like to affiliate more with high fashion and let others see the different sides of her. She hopes to do more philanthropic activities in 2022. Reflecting on all the successes so far, she expresses she is grateful for everything life has brought to her.

Shirt/Top and Skirt, PRONOUNCE @_pronounce. Earrings, Chanel

Embroidered Lace Hat: SHIATZY CHEN @shiatzychen

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