Yarelis Oliveras: Success come to those who are proactive

Yarelis Oliveras' successful career in both modeling and music is a testament to the power of determination and unwavering commitment

Yarelis Oliveras, born and raised in Lakeland (Florida), of Puerto Rican and Taino heritage, never imagined that she would be a model. As a young girl, she had a strong aversion to taking photos. Therefore, she found it ironic that she had ended up in this career path, upon reflecting on her journey into the world of modeling.

However, life has a way of surprising us, and as she embraced new experiences, she discovered a different side of herself. “Modeling has allowed me to challenge my preconceptions and step out of my comfort zone, ultimately leading me to appreciate the art of capturing moments”. It’s a testament to the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns, and how we can find fulfillment in unexpected places.

Yarelis Oliveras has always been proactive in creating opportunities for herself

Yarelis Oliveras is tenacious. She took the initiative to organize test photoshoots with local photographers. With her unrelenting efforts in pursuing modeling since her teenage years, Yarelis Oliveras successfully captured the attention of Ikon Management, and shortly thereafter secured contracts with Powerhouse LA and the New York-based fashion agency, The Industry Model Management. Her career began to shine brightly even at the young age of 18, right after graduating from high school.

“Being scouted by Ikon Management was a defining moment in my career, a turning point that seemed to open a gateway to new opportunities and set the stage for a remarkable journey in the modeling industry”, she said.

For Yarelis Oliveras, success is simply about creating her own unique journey.

“Growing up in Lakeland, Florida as a creative was a unique journey, often accompanied by a sense of intimidation due to the fear of going unnoticed and the challenge of finding spaces to nurture my creativity within the confines of a relatively small town. However, rather than letting this fear hold me back, I chose to harness it as a driving force. The struggle became my motivation, compelling me to think outside the box and adapt to my circumstances”.

Yarelis Oliveras has gone the distance by arranging test shoots with local photographers, expanding her network, and gaining experience in neighboring cities. Even though these photoshoots faced numerous setbacks, her unwavering dedication to her dream kept the young model from losing hope.

She found success upon stepping out of her comfort zone

Yarelis Oliveras invested not only in building a portfolio but also in herself, maintaining a resolute determination to achieve her goals. Many years of dedication and persistence finally paid off. Through the platform of social media, the model’s name became more widely known, marking a turning point in her journey.

“My story reflects the transformation of fear into fuel and the immense value of tunnel vision when it comes to pursuing a passion.”

The breakthrough underscored the importance of not just waiting for recognition but actively seeking it, even if it meant venturing beyond comfort zone.

Due to her dedication, she made her career debut with a Stila campaign and has since been featured in campaigns for Kylie Cosmetics and Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Advertisements for True Religion, Joah Brown, Billboards for Boo Hoo, and more to come for the high earning star in the making.

If this industry seemed distant and challenging to Yarelis Oliveras before, she now holds a position of confidence and assurance that her hard work and determination are yielding results. The significance of this moment lies not only in immediate opportunities but also in the promise it holds for the future.

Despite achieving dream milestones, Yarelis Oliveras continues to tread a new path, with dreams unconfined to the modeling realm. For her, it’s a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and the realization that “all it takes is one significant moment to shift the trajectory of your life”.

Despite her busy modeling career, Yarelis Oliveras still finds time for her passion: Music

In addition to her modelling career, Yarelis Oliveras is developing her skills as a music producer and DJ. She dedicates her free time outside of work to creating music and DJing.

“The world of music production and DJing seamlessly aligns with both my career aspirations and my personal passion. Since a young age, the very essence of music has captivated me, occupying a significant portion of my time in school and throughout my life’s journey”, the young girl said .

Yarelis Oliveras recalled that as a child, she lived life with her headphones on. After graduating from high school, her passion for music goes beyond just enjoying melodies; she desires to understand its foundation and has ventured into the field of music production. Exploring music production and DJing serves as both a creative outlet and a tribute to her lifelong passion for music.

“Believe in yourself because that’s your starting point”

It is evident that Yarelis Oliveras is an icon of unwavering commitment and passion, proving that the roadblocks to achieving dreams can be overcome with smart planning and dedication. In this interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the young model shared that she has dreamed of big plans for her very own city. As an influencer with strong social media channels, she hopes to bring a diverse tapestry of her culture to her very own city. She has been mulling on this project for a while and believes it is nearly the time to execute it.

For young, passionate individuals in the modeling and entertainment industry, Yarelis Oliveras offers this advice: “Believe in yourself because that’s your starting point. If you can’t envision your own success and fully embrace it, others won’t be able to either. Maintain your tunnel vision towards your goal and don’t be disheartened by timelines”.

Every journey is uniquely designed for each person, so trust in your path and keep pushing forward with resolute commitment, just as Yarelis Oliveras has done.

**Team Credit**

Model: Yarelis Oliveras
Photography: Alessandra Fiorini @alessandrafioriniphotography
Wardrobe styling: Michelle Price
Hair and makeup: Lennie Billy @makeupbylennie

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