Trisha Vu: Behind the Bling-bling Queen is a Reiki healer

Awarded the title of “Bling-bling Queen” by the Singapore media, Trisha Vu proves that she is not only sparkling in design style, appearance, career but also has a sparkling heart

Trisha Vu wears costume & accessories, 16Arlington & Moschino

Trisha Vu might be well-known as a fashion designer and influencer. But not many also knew that she was also a Reiki healer and mindset coach. The self-made business woman believed that if she put her mind to it, she could make a successful main career out of this practice too. “But I don’t have enough time to make it my main business”, she laughed.

Trisha Vu is Singapore’s Bling Bling Queen

Costume & accessories, Coach

Trisha Vu loved fashion since she was a little girl, but obtained a degree in advertising and marketing growing up. However, she couldn’t give up her love for fashion. Just one year after being in the advertising industry, she switched gear and launched her own brand.

What set her designs apart from other brand? Trisha revealed, “My style is very sexy and very sparkly, so I was nicknamed Bling Bling Queen.” In fact, the sparklier the designs, the faster they sell out!

Why did she choose this design style? She admitted: “My biggest happiness of being a fashion designer is to see my customers stand out from the crowd with my creation.” It helped that the sparkliness added an extra dose of dopamine for both Trisha and her clients.

Reiki healer and mindset coach

Dress, Bottega Veneta

Behind the successful fashion designer and influencer with a go-getter attitude was a calmer Trisha Vu that practiced Reiki. Reiki healers are those who use cosmic energy to balance the energy in the body. They are like a channel, absorbing cosmic energy then transferring it to others.

Trisha fell in love with Reiki healing a few years ago. “At first, I studied this field because I wanted to understand more about myself and how to interact more peacefully with those around me. But [Reiki healing] really spoke to me and I want to share it with others.” By chance, Reiki healing became a side job and hobby that brought Trisha deep gratification and fulfillment. “Every time I assist someone in understanding difficulties so that they can overcome and carry on living positively, I feel that my life becomes a little more meaningful.”

Since becoming a Reiki healer, Trisha Vu found the daily ritual calming for her, “I practice and meditate everyday.” However, her daily life was busy enough that she could not turn Reiki healing into a full time career. “I’d love to keep it as hobby though,” Trisha Vu said.

And a super mom

Costume, Moschino

At first glance, Trisha Vu, with her perfect body and sexy smile, seemed like the ultimate party girl. But in actual fact, she loves more than anything her two children. Her son is 8 years old and her daughter just turned 6.

“They are very close to me. They always say ‘I’m so lucky to have a mummy like you, I’m so proud of you’,” she beamed with happiness talking about her two angels. They seemed to have inherit their mother’s kindness and creativity, with a dash of cheekiness tossed in. “My son compares me to a Buddha because I always meditate (laugh). And my daughter is very creative. She’s amazing at drawing.”

Her small family travelled together when they have free time. Their favorite destination was the beach – probably not a coincidence as Trisha Vu’s specialty was swimwear. When asked if she had a favourite destination in Vietnam, Trisha mentioned Da Nang and the ancient town Hoi An. “Those places make my heart swell with love and pride for my country”.

Costume & accessories, Pinko & Moschino

It is evident that Trisha is living her best life. How does she manage it all? By always looking at life positively. “Negative or positive thoughts, they are all in your mind. It’s a mindset, just change your state of mind.”   

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Photographer: Eugene Lee.
Stylist: Kelly Hsu.
Makeup Artist: Kat Zhang.
Hair Stylist: Christvian Wu

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