Sofia Resing on rising to the top of the fashion world

Sofia Resing shared with us her childhood memories by the sea, her infinity love for nature and the victorious journey in fashion industry


Sofia Resing on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. Clothing: Orange chiffon dress, Atelié. Purple tights, Calzedonia. White patent leather shoes with purple details, Le Silla. White patent leather gloves, Duecci Gloves. Earrings, Lisa c.

A wonderful, peaceful childhood by the sea

The Brazilian beauty Sofia Resing comes from a small family in Imbé Beach, Porto Alegre, South of Brazil. Her fondest childhood memories involve endless vacations at her family beach house, reading books at her favorite hammocks, and surfing.

“I used to walk barefoot 5 blocks with my bodyboard to go surf whenever the waves were good. Then walk back to chill at the hammocks in front of the house, thinking that I wish I could live on the beach all year round. I only had that life during my school vacations. I dreamed of finishing my studies, to then perhaps move somewhere close to the sea. Being in touch with nature was what would make me happy”, she recalls.


Acid yellow maxi dress, Adelbel. White leather cuissardes with belt, Le Silla. Pink leather gloves, Duecci gloves. Image from Winter by the Sea editorial photoshoot.

The teen model chose school over model career

In her early years, Sofia Resing spent her free time reading Brazilian literature in the school library. She was often called “the broom” in school for her tall frame and bulky thick hair.

Modeling was never on Sofia’s mind until she escorted her sister to a local model contest. “I was 15 when I did my very first modeling job in Brazil, which was the Fashion Week in my hometown. This event used to happen inside the main shopping center, which hired a group of models to walk 15 shows for several Brazilian brands”, Resing adds.

She soon realized that modeling would require a lot of time. The teen model focused most of her time on schooling, only took a few part-time modeling jobs. In her last year of high school, she traveled to Europe, cast by a European agency. She started working in Europe. It was her first time outside of Brazil.


Black dress with shoulder pads, Les Homes Femme. Black cuissardes, Le Silla. Black fedora hat with straps, Montegallo. 

Black dress with shoulder pads, Les Homes Femme. Black cuissardes, Le Silla. Black fedora hat with straps, Montegallo. 

Sofia Resing moved to New York for a full-time modeling job

While on a trip in Miami, she attended a Halloween party dressed as the Green Hornet and, fully in costume, was scouted by a New York agent. This chance meeting led her to the Big Apple where she signed her first big modeling contract in the United States.

She’s been working with iconic photographers such as Mario Testino, Thierry Le Gouès, Phil Poynter, Ruven Afanador, and Ellen von Enwerth. The Brazilian beauty has also strut several catwalks for established designers such as Versace, Armani, Zuhair Murad, Philipp Plein…

Black velvet long dress, Atelié. Black tulle gloves, Dolce & Gabbana. Black thighs, Calzedonia. White patent leather shoes with plateau, Giuseppe Zanotti. Earrings, Lisa C. 

Most memorable photoshoots

2016 brought Sofia the most coveted spot in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Being asked about her most memorable photoshoots, the Brazilian Beauty said, “It’s really hard to pick one! But I think shooting in Zanzibar for Sports Illustrated was probably the most impressive. We had to do this shot with an aquaplane that had to pass perfectly behind me for the picture, which had to be perfectly coordinated. It was very difficult as we were all standing in coral reefs in the middle of the ocean, trying to get the perfect shot. Finally, the images came out pretty epic!!”.


Black velvet long dress, Atelié. Black tulle gloves, Dolce & Gabbana. Black thighs, Calzedonia. White patent leather shoes with plateau, Giuseppe Zanotti. Earrings, Lisa C. 

A nature lover

Sofia Resing is a nature lover. She leaves her social media followers speechless with countless photos and videos from the most beautiful locations she visited. You may find her riding an African breeze in Zanzibar or kiting in the Northern winds of Brazil. Between Bodyboarding, Snowboarding, Hiking, her biggest hobby at the moment is kitesurfing.

“When I am out there in the ocean, I feel peaceful, free, but at the same time so connected. It amazes me that the human mind created this equipment, where you can just sail yourself with the wind, in perfect harmony with nature. Many times when I’m riding, all I can think is how thankful I am for all the blessings in my life, while some other times I think about my to-do list and ideas for upcoming projects. The sea is very inspirational to me. Regarding the things I see, I’ve encountered dolphins, manta rays, turtles, and lots of fishes!!”.

When not marking her presence on exclusive red carpets or in front of cameras of the biggest events around the globe, she is constantly corroborating with Non-Profit Organizations like Clean Miami Beach and Together Band. She is a big advocate of consumer awareness, plastic-free environments, and recycling.


Black maxi skirt, Adelbel. Black leather top, Ssheena. Black leather braided body, Adelbel. Leather belt bag, A’ Cloud. Black thighs with toe, Ssheena. Black and white leather sandals, Ssheena. 

A healthy lifestyle

While in the big cities, she is adept at a healthy lifestyle, including starting her day with a Vinyasa Flow, always training sessions paired with organic healthy meals. Sofia has stopped eating red meat for two years. She ẽplained, “Every time I’d eat red meat, I’d feel super sleepy while digesting and it would lower my productivity. The second reason is that beef production is the main cause of deforestation in the world. I think if we have other options why continue supporting these companies? I still eat white meat, lots of fish, and eggs, which gives me the protein intake I need. My body never felt as strong, as fresh, and as healthy as now!”

Black tulle body, Act n.1. Black silk high waisted panties, Dolce & Gabbana. Black silk bra : Dolce & Gabbana. Black and white leather boots, Ssheena. Puffer jacket, Annakiki. Black leather gloves, Gucci. 

Sofia Resing: The resilient, the bold & the honest

Now that travel restrictions are lifted in most countries, after a 2-year horrible pandemic, Sofia Resing is excited! “Being from Brazil, living in the US and going a lot to Europe for work, it was very difficult for me throughout the pandemic. I’m so happy that we are gaining back our rights to come and go freely. I have a lot of traveling coming up for work over the next months.”

As a global citizen, the Brazilian beauty experiences life to the fullest. Is there any superpower she wishes to be granted?” “Tele-transportation” because it would make my life so much easier. Many times I am traveling for work and I miss things in my personal life, countless birthdays, family celebrations, etc. I even missed the wedding of one of my childhood best friends”.

Sofia Resing is working on a very exciting project that will be released in 2022!! She uttered happily, “Can’t wait to share more with you guys. Please stay tuned on my Instagram @SofiaResing for more news.”

** Team Credit **

Model: Sofia Resing @sofiaresing
Photo & Creative Direction: Irina Lis Costanzo @liscostanzo
Assistant Photographer: Sophia Daliana, Sebastiano Re
Stylist: Andrea Amara @hamarand
Assistant Stylist: Carola Bellomi
Hair: Claudio Furini using GHD Italia
M.U.A.: Benoit Claverie @claveriebenoit, using @diorbeauty
Producer: Ekaterina Antonovskaya @kate.producer
Location: Marina di Scarlino Resort, Italy @marinadiscarlino

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