Model: Lauren Forges. Photographer: Abban Felicia

METAMORPHOSIS – This project is influenced by Kafka's writings, where the artist delves into ideas of decline and feeling disconnected from people. By altering our approach, we can rejuvenate the cycle of existence, similar to the way a caterpillar evolves into a magnificent butterfly.

Lauren Forges. Feathered jumper, Beauté Comme Toi.

Necklace, Sultry Affair. Pants, Ziliox.


Lauren Forges. Photo: Abban Felicia.

Dress, Beauté Comme Toi.

Dress, Anicy Manuguian. Earrings, Tova.

Photographer: Abban Felicia @abban_felicia.
Talent: Lauren Forges @laurenforgex of State Management.
Stylist : Mario Solares @oxandsnake

M.U.A.: Ricardo Delgado @touchthisskin.
Hair: Christina Rendall @tressesbycris.

Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam