Marcel Castellano on his diverse and impactful creative journey

Born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, to Colombian mother and Venezuelan father, Marcel Castellano – multitalented artist with a remarkable career – has traversed the globe, exploring different cultures and refining his artistic abilities.

Marcel Castellano. Total look, Versace.

“Since I was a child I was passionate about the art and fashion industry and I always sought to be related to it because it was something I enjoyed and enjoy very much,” Marcel Castellano started his story. “Professionally I started in the world of modeling at the age of fifteen in Venezuela, with guidance from my agency at the time, Garbo & Class.”

Total look, Versace.

Emerged as the victor in Venezuela’s first reality TV modeling show, Marcel Castellano soon carved his own path to industry recognition.

Besides that, at just 17 years old, Marcel Castellano designed his first fashion collection. He collaborated with renowned figures in the makeup and beauty world, further expanding his artistic repertoire.

Embracing a thirst for knowledge, Marcel pursued further studies in Film during his time in Europe, particularly in Madrid, Spain. Since then, he has relentlessly pursued training in different art forms, continually honing his skills. In his view, “Art in general is related. I consider myself an artist who develops beauty through various mediums. It’s not about the number of talents, but the message I express through techniques like painting, photography, makeup, or design.”

Marcel Castellano’s exceptional talent and dedication have earned him numerous editorials and photographic productions with leading fashion platforms, media outlets, and renowned agencies. With each project, Marcel has received accolades and recognition from prominent figures who recognize his significant potential in the creative world.

Shirt, Prada. Trousers, Versace. Glasses, Valentino.

In response to the question about specific fashion brands he is eager to collaborate with in the near future, Marcel Castellano mentioned Bottega Veneta, Versace, and Jacquemus. Those are brands he deeply identifies with and believes he could represent exceptionally well.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Marcel Castellano has a passion for teaching and imparting his knowledge to young talents. “I am a person who shares with others because it is something that is among my values.” His teaching methodology revolves around the core value of sharing. Marcel firmly believes in the importance of generosity and guiding others on their creative journeys. “I really enjoy teaching others, guiding as perhaps they have done with me and my friends continue to do, so I see the art of teaching and learning something new every day.”

Marcel’s journey has led him to embark on an exciting new project—his own fashion brand. He talked passionately about his fashion project, “I remember when I left school, they asked me what I wanted to study. The first thing I answered was Fashion Design. Unfortunately my parents did not have the financial resources to afford it. However, I always wanted to make my own clothes. Once I even broke my mother’s sewing machine. Now I want to make my dream a reality. I can assure you that my proposal is quite interesting because once again I will be able to combine all my talents, likes and sensibility in my creative universe. What is coming is ART.”

Total look, Versace.

He is currently working hard to consolidate his multitalented profile with projects ranging from visual essays to fashion collections with a clear focus on sustainability.

Total look, Versace.

“I realized the importance of the existence of sustainable artistic projects. I met with artisans and local people from Oaxaca, a region of Mexico, where we highlighted the culture, folklore and craftsmanship through a photographic and audiovisual project. This project instills in me a sense of pride, making me feel truly connected to my Latin American heritage.” His project serves as a reminder to value and appreciate our planet, our environment, and the diverse cultures that enrich our world.

T-shirt, Calvin Klein. Necklace, Versace. Trousers, Versace.

To conclude our conversation, Marcel Castellano encouraged artists to delve into their own emotions and discover unique expressions of creativity. “We are fortunate to be able to express ourselves in different ways. True art stems from within. There is no art without feeling and there is no feeling that is not Art.”

Photographer: Erika Zambrano @erika_zambrano.
Model: Marcel Castellano @themarcelcastellano.
Mother Agency: EMG Models @emg_models.
Makeup Artist and Hair Style: Jesus Palencia @jepalenci.
Styling: Evelyn Pineros @eve_pineros.
Videographer: Alexander Albarran @alex_recc.
Production Assistant: Paola Lozano @milaposh_bp.

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