Manna Kadar: “If you perceive yourself as beautiful, the world will notice.”

Powerful and poised, yet somehow incredibly grounded, self-made/self-funded beauty mogul Manna Kadar has earned countless accolades while trailblazing her way to the top of the beauty industry.

MANNA KADAR. Dress, Michael Costello. Earrings, Bulgari. Ring, Chopard. Bracelet, Cartier

Manna Kadar, the forward-thinking founder and CEO of Manna Kadar Cosmetics has been named among Inc. Magazine’s “Top 1,000 Fastest Growing Businesses” and the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022. More recently, beauty industry leader CP & Krell Group dubbed Manna Kadar Beauty as a trailblazer of 2022, fearlessly pioneering growing a collection of cult-favorite lifestyle/beauty must-haves.

Dress, Michael Costello. Earrings, Bulgari. Ring, Chopard. Bracelet, Cartier

She is the creator of the “7 Minute Face,” CEO of six brands: Manna Kadar Beauty (including the new Mane Hair Care collection), Goddess by Manna Kadar, Beauty and the Bump, Haute Dog luxury pet products, Mason Man Skincare, and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body.

Dress, Michael Costello. Heels, White Cross Collections. Earrings, Bulgari. Bracelet, Cartier.

Driven by a philanthropic vision, Kadar gives back 10% of her company’s annual profits to various organizations she supports year-round. Here, she takes a moment to open up about life, business, and knowing when you’ve got “it.”

Dress, Michael Costello. Earrings and ring, Brian Carpenter at South Bay Jewelers.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: You’re running operations for a family of six thriving brands, developing new products – including a new hair care line out recently – and finding ways to give back, and a hands-on mom of 2! How do you stay grounded and connected to yourself and your loved ones, finding time to be “mom,” “business-builder,” “wife,” and more?

MANNA KADAR: To me, it’s about quality time over quantity, but I also love a good “hack.” I mean, it’s the whole reason I created the “7 Minute Face.” I want women to know they can look their best without spending lots of money and hours getting ready. But staying connected also requires discipline and saying “no” when necessary.

Dress, Michael Costello. Earrings, Bulgari. Ring, Harry Winston. Bracelet,  Cartier.

We’re all insanely busy, but we can pick and choose what matters most at any given moment. We get to prioritize what matters. Maybe you can’t literally do it all in a day, but you can do your best to be present and really show up as you work to strategically accomplish small goals. And you can get help! Leaning on the people around me – on my team, in my family – has been invaluable to my success.

Dress, Michael Costello. Heels, White Cross Collections. Earrings, Bulgari. Ring, Chopard.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: You got your start at 16, buying your first cosmetics store in a local mall and growing it to a chain of seven stores within a few years. Now, you’re doing the same work on a global scale. As a serial entrepreneur, how do you know when you truly have something unique to offer the world?

MANNA KADAR: Honestly, a lot of my success formula involves listening – to my customers, my friends, and the advisors around me. People will tell you exactly what they need in a product or solution, you have to be willing to listen and do the legwork to make it happen. Be willing to try new things, make a mistake or two, and receive constructive feedback. These are useful signs pointing you in a better direction.

Dress, Michael Costello. Earrings and bracelet, Brian Carpenter at South Bay Jewelers.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Manna Kadar Beauty began with just a handful of products you introduced into the “beauty bar” at your California-based tanning salon. Today, you oversee several brands under your umbrella that range from personal care and beauty to home, lifestyle, kids, and even pets! Why has the world of beauty always been your favorite starting point?

MANNA KADAR: There is nothing like the feeling of seeing someone gain self-confidence by liking what they see in the mirror. You really can change the way you feel about yourself by adjusting how you look. If you perceive yourself as beautiful, you’ll present yourself more confidently, and the world will notice. It’s been really fun to extend this outlook beyond personal beauty and self-care to the world of home decor. Updating your space can help you feel uplifted. I love the positive impact MKB products can have on the lives of others.

Dress, Michael Costello. Heels, Louis Vuitton. Earrings, Bulgari.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Few people know you actually excelled in the world of corporate banking for several years before returning to entrepreneurship. What prompted that move?

MANNA KADAR: Growing up in the rougher California neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, I saw entrepreneurship as a way out. If you could learn and apply the lessons of business, you could shape your own future beyond the reality surrounding you. I started small with just one cosmetics boutique in the local mall, and that became my training ground for everything that came next. Corporate finance offered its own exciting challenges, but entrepreneurship empowers me to call my own shots and build something that’s mine in an effort to really make an impact on the world. I love the process of taking risks, reaping the rewards, and working hard to bring a dream to life.

Dress, Michael Costello. Heels, Louis Vuitton. Earrings, Cartier. Necklace, Bulgari. Ring, Harry Winston. Bracelet, Cartier.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: You were raised by a strong single Asian mom and grandmother who taught you grit, determination, and self-sacrifice. What legacy do you hope to leave your kids?

MANNA KADAR: I hope they learn the same traits that were passed down to me, although I worked this hard so they won’t have to do the same. Still, my ultimate vision for my kids is that they find their own passion and really go after it. I want that for my Team Members, too. They have become family to me and I want them all to have successful and empowered careers. I hope they see through my work that they have the power to create meaningful change in the world, and that they have the confidence to get through whatever obstacles their journey might throw at them. I’d also love for them to share my desire to give back to their communities and the world, using their skills to create more good for those around them.

Dress, Michael Costello. Towel, White Cross Collections. Earrings and necklace, Bulgari. Ring, Harry Winston. Bracelet, Cartier.

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