Vote for Daria Spitsyna in her race for the Miss Office 2021 beauty pageant

Accidentally registering, Daria Spitsyna passed the casting round and entered the semi-finals of the Miss Office 2021 contest. With her, this is a great opportunity to experience and challenge herself

Though she accidentally registered for Miss Office 2021, Daria Spitsyna successfully passed the casting round and entered the semi-finals

Miss Office is a unique beauty pageant for office workers around the world. In 2010, all contestants were chosen from Moscow companies. But since 2012, the competition expanded its geographical reach. And in 2017, it overstepped the borders of Russia.

Despite the expansion, the main goal of the contest remains unchanged – to create a modern image of a successful business woman and provide an opportunity for contestants to show their creative potential

2021 is the first time the Miss Office has a contestant living and working in Vietnam. That is Daria Spitsyna. She is currently a business development manager at Avanti-Group Co Ltd., specializing in the distribution of premium cigar products.

Daria Spitsyna is a “Habanos Master” – people who knows everything about cigars. She finished master’s program at Habanos Institute in Havana, Cuba. Daria Spitsyna also trains and guides enthusiasts to learn about cigar culture. She is authorized by Habanos Academy to issue Senior and Junior Levels Diplomas.

Going out of my comfort zone

Hello Daria Spitsyna. What made you decide to participate in the Miss Office International 2021?

Daria Spitsyna: Hello Harper’s Bazaar Viet Nam. It was a very spontaneous decision. My friend shared with me an online link about a contest in which ladies from all around the world who work in offices can apply to participate. And I did it. In less than a month, I received an email from the organizer that I passed one stage of casting among 30,000 applicants. I became one of 130 participants in the semi-final round.

What factors make you stand out from other contestants?

Daria Spitsyna: I am a hardworking, creative, kind, positive and self-ironic person. I am flexible in every sense of this world and can adapt to any situation. I am not afraid of changes.

Long silky hair is your strong point, isn’t it?

Daria Spitsyna: I can’t imagine myself without long hair. It’s a part of my image.

What message do you want to spread to everyone when you register for this contest?

Daria Spitsyna: This is a socially significant project. The goal has always been to create a modern image of a successful businesswoman. Any woman working in an office, from secretary to the general director, aged 20 to 35, can take part in the Miss Office 2021. Marital status and the presence of children doesn’t matter. Which makes this contest unique among others standard competitions.

Miss Office for me is an opportunity to express myself, to expand my networking, It is also a new experience and a challenge to go out of my comfort zone.

What did you prepare for this contest? Do you have any troubles?

Daria Spitsyna: I am ready to go until the end to express myself to the maximum. I’m trying to keep an active lifestyle, to expose myself more to be active in social media, which is very unusual for me. And I need to stay focused at my work and to support my company and my family in this unpredictable time.

I believe that life is all about finding a happy balance between work and family. Be yourself, improve, work hard, stay positive and then nothing is impossible.

Daria Spitsyna love everything related to cigars

How long have you lived and worked in Vietnam? After all this time, how do you feel about the office environment?

Daria Spitsyna: During the 8 years working in Vietnam, I’m so happy to be here. I have had so many wonderful memories with my colleagues. Charming and united nation. Mutual support, kindness and respect are aspects of the Vietnamese culture that I adore. The office environment is great. When I am at the office, I really want to work more than 100%.

Why did you choose a job related to cigars?

Daria Spitsyna: So, how come that person who had never smoked a cigarette in her life starts working with cigars? It’s because of love. My dear husband had a lot of influence on me. I love whatever he loves, I love Vietnam as he does. I had no idea about cigars but slowly I started learning about how to store it, how to take care of it, how to pick up the right cigar, and slowly, slowly it became part of me.

Once in love, we can do anything without getting bored, right?

Daria Spitsyna: I really love everything related to cigars. I spend my time traveling and visiting historical places, lounges, explore more about cigar history, making new friends. Because first of all, cigars are about connecting people. Working with cigars is meaningful much more than just a job title. It’s my passion. I’m glad to have an opportunity to educate people about the art of smoking fine cigars

Recently, Ho Chi Minh City was in lockdown. Does this affect your work?

Daria Spitsyna: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, not only Ho Chi Minh City but many other places are also in the same situation of lockdown. Every industry is affected. My work is of no exception. We had to stay home and all business had to stop. No matter what, we can still rebuild everything when everyone’s healthy and optimistic, right?

During that time, my colleagues and me have participated in volunteering, giving necessities to disadvantaged people in Ho Chi Minh City. I am also happy to share it with everyone, with the city that I have been nearing 10 years.

Thank you Daria Spitsyna for sharing your memories. Would you like to send a message to Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam readers?

Daria Spitsyna: Thank you Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam for giving me the opportunity to share about myself and my work. I hopes to receive everyone’s love and votes at Miss Office 2021. This is a socially significant project. The goal of which has always been to create a modern image of a successful businesswoman. She is beautiful, intelligent, talented, and also noble and strives to make this world a better place.

2021 is a year of Global call for climate action. The contest is focusing on ecology, choosing sustainable consumption and following an eco-friendly lifestyle. Only you – the audience in Vietnam and abroad can decide who will enter 30 participants with the highest number of votes.

The internet voting takes place from September 20 until October 10

The website is

You can vote every day from mobile, computer and tablets. Please, vote for me – Daria Spitsyna, who represents business ladies of Vietnam.

It’s necessary to choose other 2 pleased contestants among all the participants. With your strong support, I believe that we will enter the final and we will have a chance to reach the Crown of Miss Office 2021.

Good luck to you in this contest.

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