Bianka Rajcokova, a passion for elegance, adrenaline, and artistry

From the charming streets of Bratislava to the bustling South America, Bianka Rajcokova lives a life of cultural exploration, academic pursuit, and a passion for speed.

Bianka Rajcokova, a passion for elegance, adrenaline, and artistry 1

As a Slovakian native, Bianka Rajcokova’s striking beauty is matched only by her ambition. After obtaining her diploma in International Relations and Spanish in South America, she now serves as the Creative Marketing Manager for a luxury car rental company. This is obviously a role that combines her love for automobiles with her creative prowess.

Bianka’s fascination with speed isn’t just limited to the office. A fan of adrenaline-pumping experiences, she confesses to a love for driving fast, citing the iconic “Fast and Furious” franchise as one of her cinematic favorites.

Growing up around cars, thanks to her parents’ car company, she developed a penchant for sports cars, with a particular affinity for the sleek lines of Porsches and the raw power of Lamborghinis.

Bianka Rajcokova, a passion for elegance, adrenaline, and artistry 2

Beyond the rush of the racetrack, Bianka finds solace in a more serene pastime: horseback riding. She loves horses, “Horses are incredibly intelligent animals that give me a lot of positive energy.” Her affinity for these majestic creatures extends beyond mere enjoyment, as she also competed professionally.

However, today, she finds greater joy in leisurely rides through nature, where the connection between horse and rider serves as a source of both relaxation and inspiration.

Bianka Rajcokova, a passion for elegance, adrenaline, and artistry 3

Art also holds a special place in Bianka’s heart, “Painting distracts me from reality and helps me to show my creative side.” While Bianka Rajcokova doesn’t have a specific favorite artist, Leonardo da Vinci’s approach to art and his unrelenting pursuit of perfection resonate deeply with her. She explains, “I read the book about his life and what I found the most fascinating is that he never finished any painting because he thought it could always be better.”

For Bianka Rajcokova, fashion is more than a mere sartorial choice—it’s a form of self-expression. It is a medium through which one can convey their individuality, preferences, and lifestyle. She wholeheartedly embraces the notion that true uniqueness lies in being different, as epitomized by the timeless quote: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” With elegance, speed, and creative flair as her companions, the road ahead promises to be as exciting as the one she’s traveled so far.

Model: Bianka Rajcokova @biankarajcokova.
Photographer: Gabriela Mendel.
PR: Say Media @say__media.

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