Arnold Milfort: If I wasn’t a stylist, I would be a chef

The stylist will soon have a new responsibility: Designer to his first fashion collection

Arnold Milfort

Stylist Arnold Milfort is a long time collaborator with Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. Our cover stories with Lana Condor, Rita Ora, Kylie Vonnahme… were all styled by him. His latest project, however, is not about styling other people’s clothes. Arnold Milfort is in the process of designing his first fashion collection. Through this exclusive interview, the stylist-turned-designer tells Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam about his dreams for the future.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Hi Arnold. How did you become a stylist?

ARNOLD MILFORT: I’ve always been drawn to fashion. Whether I’ve known it or not, it’s always been part of my life. I remember as a child watching my mother, how she spent each day carefully styling her accessories. Hats, earrings, belts… were meticulously matched. That part of her dressing routine always stuck out to me. Until I started styling, I realized that I was being influenced and prepared for fashion since I was a child.

Rita Ora styled by Arnold Milfort, outfit by Cory Couture, for Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam cover

HARPER’S BAZAAR: Where do you find inspiration?

ARNOLD MILFORT: As an artist, I’m inspired by everything. It could be a dress, a picture or a memory that puts a project into motion.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

ARNOLD MILFORT: This is such a difficult question! I love every project that I’ve worked on. But I do hold some moments closer to my heart. Working with Adriana Lima is one of those moments.

HARPER’S BAZAAR:  How has the pandemic affected your career?

ARNOLD MILFORT: The pandemic has definitely changed the fashion industry. The past two years has helped me to think outside the box and to figure out ways to generate multiple streams of income.

Arnold’s work for Attitude magazine

HARPER’S BAZAAR: If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what else would you be doing?

ARNOLD MILFORT: I would be a chef for sure. I love cooking, and entertaining, I love trying new recipes and feeding people. One of my dreams is to open a restaurant one day with my sister  –she is a trained gourmet chef.

HARPER’S BAZAAR: You recently styled two shows for New York Fashion Week. What was that like?

ARNOLD MILFORT: Fashion Week is always one of the most stressful times of the year. But it’s also very fulfilling. This season, I styled two shows, Revolve, and Bronx and Banco. There was a lot of pressure. It was a major comeback for New York Fashion Week so everything had to be perfect.

From the moment we started casting, to working with the design teams to make sure the accessories compliment the collection… It was an amazing feeling to see the models on the runway, to see everyone’s reaction to months of preparation. It was exhilarating.

Revolve x Dundas SS 2022 at New York Fashion Week. Credit: ImaxTree

HARPER’S BAZAAR: What’s next for Arnold Milfort?

ARNOLD MILFORT: I’m currently in the process of designing my own collection. It has always been my dream to work on my own brand. And it’s finally happening coming spring 2022. But sky’s the limit.

I have so many ideas and plans that I want to work on, I’m just waiting for the right time. Stay tuned!

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