Aaliyah Jay – NYC’s Fashion and Beauty IT Girl

Model: Aaliyah Jay. Photographer: Reinhardt Kenneth.

When we think about Beauty, fashion & inspiration, we think of an It Girl, and that’s exactly who Aaliyah Jay is. The self-proclaimed It Girl is set to dominate the fashion & beauty industry as she shows her knowledge and skill of creating her own life path, being a visionary for her own brand, all while staying true to herself.

For 10 years, rising star Aaliyah Jay has seen all sides of the fashion & beauty industry and she’s ready to spill it all.

Sweater, Eterea. Skirt, Cristina Grecu. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

HBZ: Aaliyah Jay, what are one pro & con of being a fashion & beauty influencer?

AALIYAH JAY: The pro I will say about being a fashion and beauty influencer is the support you receive and of course the opportunities you get to fulfill. I have always had a large fanbase since the start of my career. I call them the Army. they’re loyal, present, and so sweet! Also, the opportunities as an influencer is something that can change one’s life. I got to do Nicki Minaj’s makeup and meet her a few times. I also get invited to so many cool events from makeup brands. One event/trip that I loved was when Lady Gaga invited me to Vegas with her makeup brand and I got to go to her concert. I also got to hang with her after her concert and that was really, really cool.

Sweater, Eterea. Skirt, Cristina Grecu. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

I think the hardest part of being an influencer is dealing with trolls and finding your niche and own personal style. The internet is free and easy to hide behind, so there will always be someone somewhere being mean, and you will never know who it is. I noticed that it is actually super trendy to be a hater hahaha, But to be an influencer, you have to have a really strong mindset to know that it’s just a hater and that’s all. Also finding your own style can be hard when the internet pressures you to fit in and look like everyone. Everyone thinks to be cool, you must look a certain way or have certain things, but in my mind, it’s the complete opposite. I love to be different and stand out, and a lot of people don’t like that about me because they sometimes don’t understand why, but if it makes me happy, that’s all that matters.

Orange dress, Tube Gallery. Shoes, Chinese Laundry. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

HBZ: What was the first moment you realized you were becoming popular online?

AALIYAH JAY: I’ve been doing YouTube for a while. I never had any help promoting my videos, I barely had any views, but I still want making videos because It’s what I really loved to do. I noticed I was popular once I hadn’t posted a video in a while and my followers had bombarded me asking me why I haven’t posted. I was like ‘wow, they’re looking for me’ and that’s when I knew that it was time to take advantage of my platform, even if it was small.

Orange dress, Tube Gallery. Shoes, Chinese Laundry. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

HBZ: How do you describe your personal style?

AALIYAH JAY: This is a hard one. I feel as though I am so creative and honestly evolving every single day, so its hard to pinpoint. I have almost like alter egos. So let’s say if I’m in an era of redecorating my home, I will channel more of my minimalist style fashion. I like to get dressed at home, even if I’m staying home, so if I’m getting dressed to maybe clean and redecorate, I may wear baggy jeans and a simple white shirt. I am also a fashion designer and brand owner of Karen and Rita, so if I have workdays where I have to be really creative on choosing what to bring to my brands, I’ll wear my glasses with lots of color and textures. It really depends on what I’m doing, my vibe and mood. I literally change every single day and I love that because It allows me to think outside of my box.

Pink dress, Tube Gallery. Shoes, 33.6609° N 95.5555° W. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

HBZ: What’s one thing you’d tell someone who would want to become a fashion influencer?

AALIYAH JAY: Stay true to yourself. It sounds super cliche, but in a industry like beauty and fashion, it is the best advice. There is only one you, and What you do, no one else can do and that’s what will make your idea’s amazing. This is how you create niche’s or find your niche. By being YOU. And don’t be afraid to do it. Do it with courage, fearlessness, and no care in the world. We have one life to live, make it your best one while chasing your dreams!

Pink dress, Tube Gallery. Shoes, 33.6609° N 95.5555° W. Jewelry, Karen & Rita Jewelry.

**Team Credits**

Muse: Aaliyah Jay @aaliyahjay.
Photography: Reinhardt Kenneth @reinhardtkenneth.
Fashion Stylist: Sebastién Day @visionarybash.
Lighting Director: Maya Louis @mayalouisphoto.
Digitech: Beyonce Rose @beyoncerosee.
Hair: Kendra’s Boutique @kendrasboutique.

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